The RZ/G series collaborates with partner companies to provide various hardware and software solutions that can be used together with RZ/G. RZ/G Partner Solutions accelerate your application development by providing ready-to-use boards/modules, middleware, operating systems, tools & software, and engineering services that can support your system.


TQ-Systems Logo

TQ-Systems Embedded Module TQMaRZG2

The embedded module TQMaRZG2x is based on the RZ/G2 processor, an Arm® Cortex®-A53/A57 processor from Renesas.

TQ Systems Embedded Module TQMaRZG2 for the Renesas RZ Partner Solution (PDF)


Engicam Logo


Engicam i.Core RZ/G2E

i.Core RZ/G2E comes in a flexible small SODIMM form factor, providing a powerful solution suitable for low power consumption fan-less applications with high-end graphics performances.

Engicam i.Core RZ/G2E for the Renesas RZ Partner Solution (PDF)

Novasom Industries Logo



Novasom SMARC-RZG2E is a family of SMARC 2.0 SOMs specifically developed for IoT and smart devices markets, requiring ultra-low power and industrial high-quality level, such as vending, home automation and other handheld applications.

Novasom SMARC-RZG2E for the Renesas RZ Partner Solution (PDF)


NTX Embedded logo



Spada is a versatile HMI platform featuring pre-developed building blocks, customizable to meet application needs, optimize performance, and match the client’s cost requirements.

NTX Embedded SPADA SERIES for the Renesas RZ Partner Ecosystem (PDF)



RelySys Technologies logo


RelySys SMARC SoM Module

The SMARC 2.0 compliant module is based on the RZ/G2H, RZ/G2M & RZ/G2N processors from Renesas.

RelySys SMARC SoM Module for the Renesas RZ Partner Solution (PDF)




AlphaProject αSMARC-RZ/G2E

The αSMARC-RZ/G2E is a SoM (System on Module) for mass production that is equipped with the Renesas RZ/G2E MPU and conforms to the SMARC 2.1 standard.

AlphaProject αSMARC-RZ/G2E for the Renesas RZ Partner Solution (PDF | English, 日本語)


VVDN Industrial Surveillance Camera

Industrial Surveillance camera is a 1080p CMOS camera based on Renesas R8A77450 (RZ/G1E) Processor with IR LEDs and night vision capability.


Engineering Service


SRA GUI Framework Qt

Qt has everything you need to quickly and cost-effectively design, develop, test, deploy and maintain your software for any project. Focus on creating the best user experiences instead of coding what's already been coded for you.


ENEA Linux Services

Support, maintenance, customizations, optimizations, and BSP development for a Linux distribution require expertise and a substantial commitment of time and efforts throughout the product life cycle.


Codethink Software Engineering Services

  • Software engineering to deliver hard, system level projects
  • World class Linux and Open Source expertise
  • Solution and architecture design
  • Consultancy to improve software engineering practice
  • Design and build of software engineering tools

Emtrion Real-Time Capable Virtualization Solutions

In the course of the more and more increasing amount of CPU cores on modern embedded systems, virtualization becomes an important issue in current and future projects. Jailhouse offers Real-Time Capable Virtualization Solutions.



KritiKal Product Engineering Services in Embedded Vision and AI

Support, maintenance, customizations, optimizations, and BSP development for a Linux distribution require expertise and a substantial commitment of time and efforts throughout the product life cycle.




wolfSSL SSL/TLS Embedded Library

wolfSSL is a lightweight C-language-based SSL/TLS library for embedded systems.


Acontis EtherCAT Master Stack

EC-Master is a master-side protocol stack designed and optimized to work on different embedded (real-time) operating systems.


Lineo Warp (Evaluation Version)

Warp!! is a quick-start solution for embedded Linux and Android systems. Its track record of widespread adoption makes Warp!! the solution of choice for quick booting.


Ubiquitous DTCP

Ubiquitous DTCP is a software development kit (SDK) for developing networked devices compatible with content protection by DTCP.



Ubiquitous HDCP

Ubiquitous HDCP is a software development kit optimized for the implementation of HDCP.


Ubiquitous QuickBoot

Fast Boot Solution for Linux and Android


Ubiquitous DeviceSQL

Compact and High-Speed database for embedded devices


Sensory TrulyHandsfree Voice Control

Noise robust always-listening wake word engine with voice barge-in capability and local phrase-spotted command.




ITTIA DB SQL offers RZ/G device manufactures a modular software architecture that enables devices to collect, store and manage data. It is highly optimized and reliable, with a low total cost of ownership. With ITTIA DB SQL, developers build robust, high-value products, with no database administrator to manage and connect data. ITTIA DB SQL libraries are cross-platform, supporting C, C++ and various scripting languages.


TMC ZoomVoice-RZG1

ZoomVoice software enables emphasizing a voice from target direction and suppressing ambient noises


TMC SDR-WDR Conversion IP

TMC's original WDR engine corrects overexposure and underexposure occurred in the scenes with large differences in brightness such as dark areas and backlight, and it provides visually easy-to-see images.


Operating System


Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP)

The CIP Super Long-Term Support kernel is introduced into RZ/G Linux Platform ! RZ/G Linux Platform reduces kernel maintenance costs and users can easily introduce industrial-grade Linux kernel to the product.



eForce μC3+Linux

The "uC3+Linux" can achieve a coexistence of Linux with RTOS on the RZ/G. It also provides the communication capability between them.