Enabling intelligence from the cloud to the edge and endpoint sustainably

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming every aspect of life. Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is a transformational megatrend driven by four underlying market dynamics which include technology convergence, decentralized intelligence, a new design mindset, and an explosion of data.

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Technology Convergence

IoT, AI, 5G maturing roughly at the same time

Decentralized Intelligence

Decentralized Intelligence

Tremendous benefits of a distributed intelligence model


New Design Mindset

AI disrupting system design approaches

Data Analytics

Data Explosion

Endpoint data creation to grow at 85% (2017-2025)*

*Source: IDC Research

Traditionally, the IoT has been built on a cloud-centric intelligence architecture. To truly scale and enable intelligence at all levels of the network, a decentralized intelligence architecture is needed. This means running cloud-independent inference engines on power-efficient or tiny computers within the edge and endpoints. A decentralized intelligence model has tremendous technical and economic benefits as shown below.

Why decentralize intelligence?

Real-Time Response
  • Minimize latency by transforming data at the source
  • Optimize processing for time-critical applications
Security & Data Privacy
  • Minimize security concerns related to the transfer and flow of data
  • On-device data handling tightly coupled to hardware root-of-trust
Network Agility
  • Maximizing data gravity by operating on data at the source
  • Reduced data transport improves power and cost efficiencies

IoT systems can be thought of as an interplay of one or more core technologies shown in the diagram below. AI and Machine Learning (ML) can be viewed as an enabler that bridges underlying technologies and applications. The use of AI can be classified broadly into three categories – Voice which deals with spoken voice and linguistics, Vision which deals with cameras, machine vision and robot vision and, finally, Real-Time Analytics which deals with mostly sensor data and time-series data that is captured from sensors.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable underlying technology


Renesas offers a comprehensive solution stack for AI/ML developers. A broad product portfolio spanning across sensing, connectivity, computing, and actuation covers all layers of the IoT. In addition, software, tools, solutions, and a partner ecosystem that has been purpose-built to accelerate your AIoT designs.

Renesas Ready Partner Network
Partner Ecosystem

RA Ready

RA Arm® Cortex®-M MCUs

RX Ready

RX 32-Bit Performance / Efficiency MCUs

RL78 Ready

RL78 Low Power 8 & 16-bit MCUs

RZ Ready

RZ 32 & 64-bit MPUs

Hardware Portfolio

AI at the Endpoint

Environmental Sensors


Featured Solutions

Reality AI Tools®

Generate and build TinyML/Edge AI models based on advanced signal processing.

RealityCheck™ HVAC

AI-enabled solution to detect anomalies and faults and predict operating conditions in smart HVAC systems.

RealityCheck™ Motor

Enable conditional monitoring and predictive maintenance functionality without relying on additional sensors.
Reality AI / e2 studio Integration Overview Video

An overview of how the integration of Renesas Reality AI Tools® and e2 studio IDE can simplify your development cycle and for AI / ML edge and endpoint applications. Visit the Reality AI software page for more details or download e2 studio to interact with the Reality AI Tools.

Application Resources

Real-time Analytics

Title Resource Type Associated Product(s)
Anomaly Detection with RealityCheck AD Software RA, RZ
Automotive Safety Warning System (SWS) Software RCAR
RealityCheck™ HVAC Solutions Suite Software RA
RealityCheck™ Motor Add-on Toolbox Software RAxTx, RXxxT


Title Resource Type Associated Product(s)
Air Conditioning Control Application Project RZ/V2L
Conference Room Usage Monitor Application Project RZ/V2L
Congestion Detection for Retail Stores Application Project RZ/V2L
Congestion Detection in Railway Station Application Project RZ/V2L
Distracted Driving Detection Application Project RZ/V2L
Elevator Passenger Counting Application Project RZ/V2L
Lighting Control Application Project RZ/V2L
Parking Spot Reservation Application Project RZ/V2L
Passport Check Support Application Project RZ/V2L
People Counting and Monitoring Application Project RZ/V2L
Pet Detection in Prohibited Rooms Application Project RZ/V2L
Physical Condition Monitor Application Project RZ/V2L
Prohibited Area Management Application Project RZ/V2L
Safety Attire Management at Construction Sites Application Project RZ/V2L
Security Area Intrusion Detection Application Project RZ/V2L
Touchless Controller for Elevator​ Application Project RZ/V2L
Touchless Controller for Industrial Machine​s Application Project RZ/V2L
Touchless Controller for Kitchen Appliance Application Project RZ/V2L
Wild Animal Crop Defense Application Project RZ/V2L
Work Area Personnel Management Application Project RZ/V2L
SMARC SOM Evaluation Kit for RZ/V2L MPU with AI Accelerator Hardware RZ/V2L