Renesas offers an enterprise IoT platform powered by ONE Tech’s artificial intelligence (AI) driven technology to deliver an end-to-end, integrated Internet of Things (IoT) and edge analytics solution to optimize the performance, security, and utilization of “smart” assets.

The IoT with Edge AI platform combines Renesas’ wireless interconnectivity devices and sensors, such as BLE 5 modules, 6LoWPAN modules, relative humidity and temperature sensors, and MRAM non-volatile memory data storage with ONE Tech’s AI solution, such as Micro AI™. Renesas’ platform delivers performance optimization, security and analytics for connected devices and assets. The combination results in an end-to-end IoT ecosystem – from node-to-edge-to-cloud – that is ideal for a variety of smart city and industrial applications, including connected community, water and waste management, and energy and asset management.

Addresses Challenges in Cloud Platform Development

Most companies focus their main resources on engineering their product, application software, or system. Traditional industrial companies, such as oil and gas, agriculture, and manufacturing, have little to no in-house expertise connecting their devices to the cloud, or even developing their own cloud platform.  

There are many major cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) options tailored for each of these application segments, but there are many challenges that come with these solutions. This includes selecting and configuring the wireless communication hardware, making sure it is interoperable, creating the dashboard, integrating the appropriate data analysis tool, and so forth.

A company may start with one system, one wireless protocol, and a handful of connected devices, but quickly run into scaling and interoperability issues with other wireless communication protocols. Furthermore, the data analytics platform may not be suited for the different data formats, significantly increasing the cost of the data volume.

Renesas’ IoT with Edge AI platform offers customers a ready-to-go solution that already configures and provisions Renesas’ sensor and wireless products. They can scale and customize the platform to their custom needs and their own devices. Unlike other platforms, customers can use standard dashboards relevant to different application segments or customize for their requirements. The main difference is the AI-driven connected device enables decision-making before data needs to be sent to the cloud platform.

End-to-End IoT Solution Simplifies Deployment

Renesas’ IoT with Edge AI Platform enables cities and industry to leverage a combination of powerful hardware and intelligent software to monitor and secure stationary and mobile assets:

Advantages of the IoT with Edge AI Platform

The IoT with Edge AI platform also enables: 

  • Significant operational cost reductions
  • Savings up to 50% annually in vehicle maintenance, fuel and tire costs
  • Optimized fleet productivity using location-based tracking and analytics
  • Delivery of actionable insights for continuous efficiency
  • Data accessibility made possible by next-generation sensors
  • Deployment of sophisticated AI models architected to drive greater availability, reliability and performance of any connected asset
  • Greater visibility into the location, status and security of assets
  • Access to real-time asset data via sensors for AI-based analysis that determines asset utilization and health

Featured Products for the IoT with Edge AI Platform

  • HS300x (Relative Humidity Sensor IC)
  • FS2012 (Flow Sensor)
  • ZWIR4532 (Secure Low-Power Wireless IPv6 Module w/ Arm® Cortex®-M0)
  • ZWIR4512 (Secure Low-Power Wireless IPv6 Module w/ Arm® Cortex®-M3)
  • SDAWIR0x (Wireless Flow Rate, Humidity, and Temperature Sensing Evaluation Kit)
  • BTG25 TAG
  • M3xxx MRAM