RX Family of 32-bit High Power Efficiency MCUs

The RX family consists of four product series: the flagship RX700 series, with the fastest performance and most advanced functions; the standard RX600 series; the RX200 series, which delivers an optimal balance of power efficiency and high performance; and the entry-level RX100 series, with extremely low power consumption. These four series encompass a range of products that provide seamless scalability from small-scale to large-scale applications.

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MCUs with outstanding real-time performance for industrial equipment are finally here. These MCUs offer stable performance with little fluctuation thanks to the latest RXv3 core and the industry's fastest flash memory. Trusted Secure IP boasts the highest level of security for an MCU with the industry's largest internal memory and up to 182 general-purpose I/Os. A wealth of features and security are realized in one chip. The RX72M also provides plenty of support for industrial networks such as EtherCAT.
The RX72N Envision Kit is also newly released for evaluation of the RX72N's HMI capabilities, security and cloud connectivity.

  • RX66N – 120MHz RXv3, 4MB ROM, 1MB RAM, HMI, Connectivity, Security, Motor Control
  • RX72N – 240MHz RXv3, 4MB ROM, 1MB RAM, HMI, Connectivity, Security, Motor Control
  • RX72M – Features of RX72N + Industrial Network Solution (EtherCAT, etc.)
  • RX72N Envision Kit

RX72N, RX66N

RX72N Envision Kit

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The RX100 Series is the RX Family's entry-level 32-bit MCUs with excellent cost performance and ultra-low power consumption. It delivers a max. of 32MHz CPU operation with 8 to 512KB of embedded flash memory. In addition it features cutting-edge peripherals like capacitive touch and LCD drive as well as USB. The RX100 Series can be used for system control or user interface applications systems such as healthcare devices, home appliances, office equipment, and measuring equipment.

Group Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) Features
RX110 8-128 8-16 36-64 1.8-3.6 32 Ultra-low power consumption
RX111 16-512 8-64 36-64 1.8-3.6 32 Connectivity (USB), Ultra-low power consumption
RX113 128-512 32-64 64-100 1.8-3.6 32 Connectivity (USB), HMI (Touch-key), Ultra-low power consumption
RX130 64-512 10-48 48-100 1.8-5.5 32 HMI (Touch-key), Ultra-low power consumption, 5V
RX13T 64-128 12 32-48 2.7-5.5 32 Motor specialized specifications (1 motor), 5V


The RX200 Series offers the best mix of low power consumption and improved performance in the RX Family. It delivers max. of 80MHz CPU operation with 32KB to 1MB of embedded flash memory. RX200 Series offers a wide set of peripherals, including USB, CAN, ADC, advanced security, and IEC60730 appliance safety standard support. The RX200 Series is suitable for industrial equipment, home appliances, office equipment, healthcare products, meters, and so on. Some of the RX200 Series products are tuned for motor control solutions, too.

Group Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) Features
RX23W 384-512 64 56-85 1.8-3.6 54 Bluetooth, Connectivity(USB), HMI(Touch-key), Security, Low-voltage operation
RX231, RX230 128-512 32-64 48-100 1.8-5.5 54 Connectivity (USB), HMI (Touch-key), Security, Low power consumption, 5V
RX23E-A 128-256 16-32 40-48 1.8-5.5 32 Sensor
RX23T 64-128 12 48-64 2.7-5.5 40 Motor specialized specifications (1 motor), 5V
RX24T 128-512 16-32 64-100 2.7-5.5 80 Motor specialized specifications (3 motor), 5V
RX24U 256-512 32 100-144 2.7-5.5 80 Motor specialized specifications (3 motor), 5V, Pseudo differential PGA
RX210 64-1024 12-96 48-145 1.62-5.5 50 Low power consumption, 5V
RX21A 256-512 32-64 64-100 1.8-3.6 50 Low power consumption, Sensor
RX220 32-256 4-16 48-100 1.62-5.5 32 Low power consumption, 5V


The RX600 Series has an abundant lineup of high-performance microcontrollers with up to 160MHz CPU operation, This Series offers up to 4MB of embedded Flash and 640KB of embedded SRAM, advanced security, connectivity (Ethernet, USB, CAN) and HMI function. The RX600 Series addresses a broad range of applications for IoT endpoints such as white goods, meters, and other industry and consumer area. The RX600 Series can be considered as the mainstream series of the RX Family. Some of the RX600 Series products are tuned for motor control solutions, too.

Group Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) Features
RX66N 2048-4096 1024 100-224 2.7-3.6 120 Connectivity (Ethernet, USB), HMI (LCD, I2S), Security, Motor
RX65N, RX651 512-2048 256-640 64-177 2.7-3.6 120 Connectivity (Ethernet, USB), HMI (LCD), Security, Motor
RX64M 2048-4096 512 100-177 2.7-3.6 120 Connectivity (Ethernet, USB), Motor
RX63N, RX631 0-2048 64-256 48-177 2.7-3.6 100 Connectivity (Ethernet, USB)
RX62N, RX621 256-512 64-96 85-176 2.7-3.6 100 Connectivity (Ethernet, USB)
RX630 384-2048 64-128 80-177 2.7-3.6 100 Connectivity (USB)
RX634 1024-2048 128 144 2.7-5.5 54 5V
RX610 768-2048 128 144-176 3-3.6 100 -
RX63T 32-512 8-48 48-144 2.7-5.5 100 Connectivity (USB), Motor specialized specifications, 5V
RX66T 256-1024 64-128 64-144 2.7-5.5 160 Motor specialized specifications (4 motor), Connectivity (USB), HMI (LCD), Security, Motor
RX62T 64-256 8-16 64-112 2.7-5.5 100 Motor specialized specifications, 5V
RX62G 128-256 8-16 100-112 4-5.5 100 Motor specialized specifications, High resolution PWM, 5V


The RX700 Series is the flagship of the RX Family with outstanding performance at up to 240MHz CPU performance, power efficiency, and connectivity. It offers up to 4MB of embedded flash memory, integrates rich peripherals such as Ethernet, USB, CAN, I2C, SSI and HMI function. The RX700 Series is an ideal fir for high end application in industry, office automation and other areas, where performance really matters.

Group Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) Features
RX72M 2048-4096 1024 176-224 2.7-3.6 240 Connectivity (EtherCAT, Ethernet, USB), HMI (LCD, I2S), Security, Motor
RX72N 2048-4096 1024 100-224 2.7-3.6 240 Connectivity (Ethernet, USB), HMI (LCD, I2S), Security, Motor
RX71M 2048-4096 512 100-177 2.7-3.6 240 Connectivity (Ethernet, USB), Motor
RX72T 512-1024 128 100-144 2.7-5.5 200 Motor specialized specifications (4 motor), Connectivity (USB), Security, Motor, High resolution PWM, 5V
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Development Environment for the Renesas RX Family MCUs

In the RX family development environment, Renesas offers high-quality and extensive software, high-performance yet easy-to-use development tools, and a wide selection of boards and kits.

The enhanced development environment enables customers to improve system development efficiency and contributes to shortening development time, reducing total cost, and improving system quality. A variety of partner products are also available, allowing you to select a development environment that meets your needs.

Development Environment for RX Family

Product Longevity Program(PLP)

Renesas Electronics is operating the Product Longevity Program (PLP) to help customers select the most appropriate part for applications that require long life cycles.