The RA MCU ecosystem has over 50 partners today with more planned. Each partner's building block solution carries the "RA Ready" badge and is designed to solve real-world customer problems. RA Ready solutions accelerate time to market by providing plug and play options that enable a variety of IoT capabilities like security, connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and human machine interface (HMI).

RA Ready Badge

Crypto Quantique's® QuarkLink is an IoT security and device management platform that enables easy and scalable end-to-end security for IoT.
Cypherbridge SDKPac
The Cypherbridge SDKPac for Renesas RA is integrated with Flexible Software Package (FSP) based development kits for a total project-ready solution.
Cypherbridge uLoadXL™
The Cypherbridge uLoadXL SDK secure boot and safe software update is a software lifecycle solution.
EPS Global Secure Provisioning for RA MCUs
EPS Global enables customers to seamlessly access a global network of secure programming centers to service low volume prototype quantities to high volume IC programming requirements.
GHS µ-velOSity RTOS
The µ-velOSity™ RTOS is the smallest of Green Hills Software's family of real-time operating systems.
HCC CryptoCore
CryptoCore is HCC's main encryption and security library, managed through their Embedded Encryption Manager (EEM).
Oryx CycloneCrypto
CycloneCRYPTO is a cryptographic toolkit designed for use in embedded systems.
Oryx CycloneSSH
CycloneSSH is an SSHv2 library dedicated to embedded applications.
Oryx CycloneSSL
CycloneSSL is a lightweight TLS/DTLS implementation targeted for use by embedded application developers.
Oryx CycloneTCP
CycloneTCP is a dual IPv4/IPv6 stack dedicated to embedded applications.
The PX5 RTOS is an advanced, 5th-generation RTOS that features a native implementation of the industry standard POSIX pthreads API as well as best-in-class size and performance.
Ubiquitous AI Edge Trust
Edge Trust is a unique solution for enabling secure IoT services thanks to the lifecycle management of IoT devices.
Veridify DOME™
Veridify's DOME™ solution delivers a flexible onboarding and ownership management blockchain platform for low resource IoT edge devices.
Veridify Future-Proof Security
Veridify's fast, small footprint, energy-efficient security methods are ideal for protecting Renesas RA 32-bit MCU devices and the low resource IoT points to which they connect.
SAFERTOS® from WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems
WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems are experts in embedded RTOS technology with a specialization in safety-certified software, SAFERTOS® is tailored to your specific processor/compiler combination, and delivered with full source code and our Design Assurance Pack (DAP) on RA family of MCUs.
wolfSSL Embedded SSL/TLS Library
The wolfSSL library is lightweight and compact to meet stringent resource requirements, and is integrated to take full advantage of the hardware capabilities of MCUs and MPUs.
wolfSSL wolfBoot Bootloader
wolfBoot will secure your device boot process against malicious attacks that seek to replace your firmware and take control of your device and/or steal its data.
wolfSSH Lightweight SSH Library
The wolfSSH library is a lightweight SSHv2 client and server library written in ANSI C and targeted for embedded, RTOS, and resource-constrained environments.
1NCE SIM Cards
1NCE is the only software and connectivity company delivering lifetime IoT for a global flat subscription.
ABUP ELB Bootloader
External Lite Bootloader (ELB) is a bootloader program from ABUP that generates a lightweight low code.
ABUP OpenFOTA OTA Solution for IoT
OpenFOTA, ABUP's Over-the Air (OTA) delta solution for Renesas RA 32-bit MCUs, aims to upgrade the MCU memory to allow the main control program to achieve OTA function.
Ali Cloud Solution for RA MCUs
The Ali Cloud Solution uses the RA6M3 MCU and connects via Wi-Fi to Alibaba Cloud Web Services to provide an ideal evaluation environment for developers and IoT device development.
Clarinox BT/BLE/Wi-Fi Protocol Stacks
The Clarinox wireless protocol stacks, debugger and reference applications simplify the development of connected devices.
HCC Networking Product Solutions
HCC's MISRA-compliant TCP/IP is a highly efficient embedded stack, developed using a verifiable process and conforming strongly to MISRA coding standards.
HCC USB Stack Solutions
Embedded USB stacks from HCC are mature, widely-used stacks that can support almost any desired USB configuration.
Meritech monoZ™
monoZero is a flexible, cutting-edge IoT development board developed by Meritech's monoZ.
Pelion™ Device and Connectivity Management Services
The Renesas RA MCU Family supports the Pelion™ IoT Platform which is a flexible, secure, and efficient foundation for connectivity, device and data management.
RELOC Wi-Fi FSP Driver
The RELOC Wi-Fi FSP driver adds ATWINC15x0 Wi-Fi module support to the Renesas RA ecosystem in order to simplify the development of wirelessly connected products.
SX-ULPGN Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi IoT Module
The SX-ULPGN is an ultra-low power Wi-Fi IoT module and is an excellent choice for device OEMs looking to design Wi-Fi connected products in a cost-effective way.
TZD Wi-SUN FAN Module for RA MCUs
This Mbed OS based Wi-SUN FAN solution is a long-range and highly reliable wireless communication solution that supports Renesas RA 32-bit microcontrollers.
Ubiquitous AI Edge Trust
Edge Trust is a unique solution for enabling secure IoT services thanks to the lifecycle management of IoT devices.
Aizip Defect Detection
The defect detection module from Aizip is a general-purpose solution that can be applied to diverse applications in industrial, agriculture, and other enterprise markets.
Aizip Glass Break Detection
Aizip’s glass break detection solution provides accurate detection of the glass break sound for home and office protection, operating completely on the edge without requiring an Internet connection.
Aizip PAS
Aizip’s Person Access System (PAS) provides accurate person identification through face recognition and speaker identification.
Aizip Speaker ID
Aizip's Speaker Identification algorithm provides accurate identification of registered speakers for biometric parameter recognition.
Edge Impulse Studio
Edge Impulse Studio and APIs enable easy data collection and transformation, training, testing, verification, and deployment of ML models for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.
Irida Labs QR Scanning
This application software solution provides real-time QR code scanning functionality using an image sensor to detect QR codes within the coverage area.
MicroAI AtomML™
MicroAI AtomML™ brings big infrastructure intelligence down into a single piece of equipment or device.
Nota AI Nota DMS
Nota AI’s Nota Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is an in-cabin safety solution powered by NPU-compatible technology to enhance road safety for all aspects of vehicle travel.
Plumerai People Detection
Plumerai has developed a complete software solution for camera-based people detection.
Qeexo AutoML for Embedded Devices
Qeexo AutoML is a fully automated, end-to-end machine learning platform that builds lightweight machine learning solutions running locally on constrained environments at the Edge.
SensiML Rapid IoT Edge AI/ML Development
SensiML Analytics Toolkit is a comprehensive, end-to-end workflow for developing production-grade AI//ML models for the IoT edge for the RA family of MCUs.
Syntiant RASynBoard
RASynBoard is a tiny (25mm x 30mm), ultra-low power, edge AI/ML board, based on Syntiant’s NDP120 Neural Decision Processor, Renesas’ RA6M4 host MCU, and DA16600 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo module.
AIFA Voice Command with IrDA Remote Control
The IrDA Remote Control Voice Command module combines an IR database and speech recognition to enable voice control for multiple IR appliances such as TV, air conditioner, light, set top box, and fan.
Storyboard provides an embedded GUI development framework for creating HMI applications designed to provide products with exceptional user experiences.
Cyberon CSpotter
The Cyberon CSpotter is a local voice trigger and command recognition solution that runs on Renesas RA 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs).
Cyberon DSpotter
Cyberon DSpotter is a local voice trigger and command recognition solution with robust noise reduction that consumes very low resources.
Etouch TFT Display Solution
The Etouch TFT Display solution is a friendly graphics framework and tool that enables design and deployment of GUIs on Renesas RA and RX MCUs and the RZ family of MPUs.
Pachira Voice Recognition Solution
The Pachira Voice Recognition solution delivers an offline wake-up command trigger with fast response time and voice playback support.
Qt for MCUs
Qt for MCUs is a complete graphics framework and toolkit with everything you need to design, develop, and deploy GUIs on RA 32-bit MCUs.
SEGGER emWin graphics library solution delivers a flexible, professional GUI platform, enabling the creation of highly efficient, high-quality, interactive graphical user interfaces.
Tara Systems Embedded Wizard
Embedded Wizard is a GUI technology that enables the customer to create platform-independent and high-performance graphical user interfaces (GUI), even on resource-constrained microcontrollers.
TES Guiliani – Graphical UI Solution
Guiliani is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, modern, object-orientated, and customizable software for creating stylish GUI quickly.
TOSHIBA RECAIUS Speech Recognition for RA MCUs
The RECAIUS is a software component that detects prespecified words and allows hands-free operation without using a switch to initiate listening.
WT 7" TFT-LCD HMI Solution
The WT 7" TFT-LCD HMI Solution supports large TFT-LCD cap-touch panels with up to 800x480 resolution with RA MCUs.
BFG Motor Control for RA MCUs
The BFG motor control reference design and software solution address a wide range of embedded motor-driven applications.
CEVA FSP201 6-axis IMU
Ceva’s FSP201 sensor hub provides superior planar heading and 6-axis IMU performance ideal for high-volume, cost-conscious consumer robots, XR, 3D audio, and other motion-based devices.
Commotech CAP TOUCH
Renesas Capacitive Touch Demo Kits from Commotech are developed using three Renesas MCUs RL78/G23, RX140, RA2E1 integrating on-chip cap-touch controller.
CS Lab BACnet stack for RA MCUs
The CS Lab BACnet stack for RA MCUs helps developers save time and effort in the implementation of BACnet compatible applications.
CAD-IT Telematics & IoT Intelligence Platform (CTIP)
The CAD-IT Telematics & IoT Intelligence Platform (CTIP) is a modular suite of software libraries within CAD-IT's architecture for IoT applications and related devices.
GCT Lab ProtoKit IA Protocol Stack
The protocol library stack designed and developed by GCT Lab for Renesas RA series MCUs supports Modbus, IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104 communication standards.
GT&T Fleet Tracker Solution
The Renesas Fleet Tracker (FT) is a small and reliable GPS and Cat M1/NB-IoT fleet tracking unit, based on a proven design and years of field experience.
GT&T Fleet Tracker Solution (LTE)
The GT&T Fleet Tracker (FT) for Renesas RA MCUs is a reliable GPS and 4G fleet tracking unit, based on a proven design and years of field experience.
MBS BACnet Secure Connect
BACnet Secure Connect is an addendum to the existing BACnet specification and uses the TLS protocol, ensuring bug-proof and tamper-proof communications.
The MBS DALI stack helps developers develop DALI-compatible operating devices with one or more DALI control units in a very short time.
Pelion™ Device and Connectivity Management Services
The Renesas RA MCU Family supports the Pelion™ IoT Platform which is a flexible, secure, and efficient foundation for connectivity, device and data management.
Port GmbH CANopen – Master & Slave Stack
The CANopen Library provides the RA family of MCUs with all required services for a CANopen compliant communication according to the communication profile CiA 301.
SWISYS's OBDII/J1939 bridge solution works out-of-box with RA MCUs. It delivers valuable vehicle information and a robust platform for low-resource IoT edge devices.
TMGTE IO-Link Device Software​
Simple to complex IO-Link projects can be realized with the comprehensive TMGTE IO-Link Device Software.
Terranova DLMS Smart Meter Library
Terranova’s Smart Meter Libraries suite is designed for the implementation of some of the more important and widely used communication protocols such as DLMS/COSEM, MBUS, and SML.
Algocraft WriteNow! Programmers
The WriteNow! parallel in-system programmers support popular Renesas MCUs and have a compact size for an easy ATE/fixture integration.
GaleComm Flash MCU Programmer
FT200 series programmer is a single-channel programmer, with good compatibility, and powerful features.
GHS µ-velOSity RTOS
The µ-velOSity™ RTOS is the smallest of Green Hills Software's family of real-time operating systems.
HCC File System Solution
HCC offers five FAT file systems, each designed to achieve the best balance of performance and resource utilization in their targeted embedded configuration.
IAR Embedded Workbench
IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete development toolchain that provides powerful code optimizations and comprehensive debugging features in an easy-to-use IDE.
M13-RA6M3-EK RA6M3 Evaluation Board
The M13-RA6M3-EK is a complete evaluation and development hardware platform for the Renesas RA6M3 Cortex®-M4 R7FA6M3AH3CFC microcontroller including a wide range of features such as Ethernet, audio codec, and many more.
Mikroe RA4M1 Clicker
The RA4M1 Clicker is an amazingly compact starter development kit that brings the innovative mikroBUS™ host socket to your favorite microcontroller.
Percepio Tracealyzer®
Tracealyzer is the premier solution for visual trace diagnostics for developers of RTOS- or Linux-based embedded software systems.
The PX5 RTOS is an advanced, 5th-generation RTOS that features a native implementation of the industry standard POSIX pthreads API as well as best-in-class size and performance.
SMH Technologies Bsmart
Bsmart is a single-site in-system programmer that can work with a USB, LAN, or Bluetooth connection.
SMH Technologies FlashRunner 2.0
FlashRunner 2.0 is a universal parallel in-system programmer with easy fixture integration thanks to its compact size.
SMH Technologies FlashRunner HS
FlashRunner High-Speed is a universal parallel in-system programmer supporting up to 32 targets in parallel.
TESSERA's inductive sensor solution board is used for the evaluation of software and system development with Renesas' general-purpose microcontroller RA2E2 and single-channel IO-Link PHY RH4Z2501.
Ubiquitous AI Device SQL for RA MCUs
Ubiquitous DeviceSQL is specially designed for embedded devices and is based on the world‘s smallest stream-based data management technologies.