Optimizing industrial monitoring and control can be key to realizing operational sustainability and Industry 4.0. Renesas' solutions for industrial monitoring and control reduce development time and cost while delivering accurate monitoring and control of temperature, flow and process control systems.



4-20mA Current Loop System for Industrial Control
4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter
AI Industrial Robotics and Robotic Communication Solution
Air Duct System
Battery Formation and Testing System
Battery Management System
Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Sensor Network Solution
Environmental Sensor Solutions
Flow Sensor for Industrial Applications
Furnace Control
Household Smoke Detector
HVAC Air Quality Sensor
HVAC Humidity Sensor
HVAC System Featuring Renesas Synergy™
Indoor Air Quality Sensor (IAQ)
Industrial Ether Connectable IoT Sensor Hub
Industrial Ethernet Connected Sensor
Industrial Sensor Solutions
IO-Link Device Solutions
IoT Cold Chain Monitoring
Isolated Multi-Channel Sensing Solution
Mass Flow Controller
Modbus ASCII/RTU Slave Board
Motor Control with Resolver Solution
Multi-Channel Temperature Controller, Data Logger
Multi-Sensor Module for Industrial Ethernet
Multi-Sensor Platform for ASi-5
Outdoor Air Quality Sensor (OAQ)
Peltier Cooler
Precision Industrial Temperature Control
Precision TIG Welding Controller
Pressure Meter, Pressure Sensor, Pressure Transmitter
Proximity Sensor
Remote Monitoring System
RX13T Motor Control
Simple Network Management Protocol Card Solution
Single-Channel Temperature Controller
Small Industrial Robot
Smart Home LPG Cylinder Monitor
Smart Industrial Weight Scale
Temperature Sensor
Temperature Transmitter
Thermoelectric Peltier Controllers
Time of Flight (ToF) Sensor Module
Timing in Digital Oscilloscopes
TMR Sensor-Based Flow Meter
Water Meter
Weigh Scale
Wireless Sensor Hub
Wireless Weight Scale