RL78 8/16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) greatly improve power efficiency with industry-leading low power consumption at 41μA/MHz consumption during normal operation and 0.355μA during clock operation. Built-in features such as a high-precision (±1%) high-speed on-chip oscillator, background operation data flash capable of 1 million rewrites, temperature sensor, and interface ports for multiple power supplies help reduce system costs and size.

Product Longevity Program (PLP)

Renesas offers the Product Longevity Program (PLP) to help customers select the most appropriate part for applications that require long life cycles.


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Videos & Training

RL78 Motor Control Solution - How To Drive Sensorless Vector Control (1/2)

This video introduces an overview of the RL78 motor control solution, and how to operate the Configuration File Generator, a tool that supports the parameter redesign to drive motors with sensorless vector control when the motor or inverter board is changed.