Renesas offers a variety of easy-to-use boards for evaluation of MCU and MPU products targeted at kick starting your development project.

  • Starter Kits
    Starter kits offer a user-friendly development environment for evaluation, allowing you to start coding, debugging, and evaluating solutions immediately out of the box using the emulator and integrated development environment included in the kit.
  • Evaluation Kits
    Evaluation kits allow you to evaluate product performance or featured product functions for introductory use.
  • Development Kits
    Development Kits provide the resources to evaluate advanced features and functions, while reference kits target specific functions for a particular final product or application.
  • Demonstration Kits
    Demonstration kits are evaluation and demonstration tools for Renesas products with the goal of providing you with a powerful debug and demonstration platform targeted at common applications.
  • Reference Kits
    Reference kits can support you to evaluate specified functions for the particular final products/applications.

Boards & Kits List

Product ID Title Type Company
3DKR8C/11U 3-D Evaluation Board for R8C/11 Microcontrollers Evaluation Renesas
5P49V60-EVK Evaluation Board for 5P49V60 Automotive VersaClock® 6E Evaluation Renesas
5P49V6965-EVK Evaluation Board for 5P49V6965 VersaClock® 6E Evaluation Renesas
5P49V6965-PROG Programming Kit for VersaClock® 6E Development Renesas
5P49V6967-EVK Evaluation Board for 5P49V6967 VersaClock® 6E Evaluation Renesas
5P49V6968-EVK Evaluation Board for 5P49V6968 VersaClock® 6E Evaluation Renesas
5P49V6975-EVK Evaluation Board for 5P49V6975 VersaClock® 6E Evaluation Renesas
82EBP33814 Evaluation Board for 82P33814 Synchronization Management Unit for IEEE 1588 and Synchronous Ethernet Evaluation Renesas
82EBP33831 Evaluation Board for 82P33831 Synchronization Management Unit for IEEE 1588 and 10G/40G Synchronous Ethernet Evaluation Renesas
8A34001-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8A34001 ClockMatrix Evaluation Renesas
8A34003-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8A34003 ClockMatrix Evaluation Renesas
8A34005-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8A34005 ClockMatrix Evaluation Renesas
8A34043-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8A34043 ClockMatrix Evaluation Renesas
8A34044-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8A34044 ClockMatrix Evaluation Renesas
8EBV89316 Evaluation Board 8EBV89316 for Industrial Automation and Power Systems - Ethernet PLL and IEEE 1588 Synthesizer Evaluation Renesas
8EBV89317 Evaluation Board 8EBV89317 for Industrial Automation and Power Systems - 10G Ethernet PLL and IEEE 1588 Synthesizer Evaluation Renesas
8T49N240-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8T49N240 Evaluation Renesas
8T49N241-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8T49N241 Evaluation Renesas
8T49N242-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8T49N242 Evaluation Renesas
8V19N490B-EVK Evaluation Board for 8V19N490B Evaluation Renesas
8V19N492-39-EVK Evaluation Board for 8V19N492-39 Evaluation Renesas
8V19N850-EVK 8V19N850 Evaluation Kit Evaluation Renesas
8V19N882-EVK 8V19N882 Evaluation Kit Evaluation Renesas
8V97003-EVK 8V97003 Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
8V97051L-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8V97051L Evaluation Renesas
8V97052-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8V97052 Evaluation Renesas
8V97053-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8V97053 Evaluation Renesas
8V97053L-EVK Evaluation Kit for 8V97053L Evaluation Renesas
AB2-AML100 Aspinity AB2 AML100 Application Board Development Aspinity, Inc.
AC-SERVO-KIT RZ/T2M, RZ/T2L, RZ/N2L Motor Solution Kit Reference Renesas
AES-RZB-V2L-SK-G Single Board Computer - Avnet RZBoard V2L Board Evaluation Renesas
AIC-V2 TFT Instrument Cluster with Telematics Board Reference Renesas
AIK-RA4E1 AI Kit Reference Platform with RA4E1 Reference Renesas
AIK-RA6M3 AI Kit Reference Platform with RA6M3 Reference Renesas
ARD-AUDIO-DA7212 Ultra-Low Power Stereo Codec Arduino Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
AS043-FGSLEAKPOC2Z Flammable Gas Leakage Detector Reference Design Reference Renesas
AS044-EMTRPSPOC1Z Single Phase Energy Meter Power Supply Reference Design Reference Renesas
AS048-EVK Energy Efficient Single Burner Induction Cooktop Reference Design Reference Renesas
AS104-PDTURBOPOCZ USB PD with Turbo Boost Reference Design Reference Renesas
ASI-PROG-KIT ASI Programmer Kit USB Development Renesas
ASI4UKIT Evaluation Board for ASI4U Evaluation Renesas
Automatic-Liquid-Dispenser Automatic Liquid Dispenser Reference Design Reference Renesas
Automatic-Liquid-Dispenser-Capacitive Automatic Liquid Dispenser with Proximity Capacitive Sensing Reference Design Reference Renesas
AVSHORIZONE Avnet Silica HoriZone RA Powered by Renesas Development Avnet
BATTERY-FUEL-GAUGE-IC-STARTER-KIT Starter Kit for Battery Fuel Gauge IC Starter Renesas
BDE-BLEM301 Bluetooth® 5.1 Low Energy Module Development BDE Technology Inc.
BLUETOOTH-LE-TINY-CLICK Mikroe Bluetooth® LE TINY Click™ with SmartBond™ DA14531 Module Development MikroElektronika
CAP-SENSOR-REF Capacitive Sensor Application Reference Design Reference Renesas
CCE4502-EVAL-V4 IO-Link Device PHY with Integrated Frame Handler Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
CCE4503-EVAL-V3 IO-Link Device Transceiver with Cost-Optimized Feature Set Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas