Renesas offers a variety of easy-to-use boards for evaluation of MCU and MPU products targeted at kick starting your development project.

  • Starter Kits
    Starter kits offer a user-friendly development environment for evaluation, allowing you to start coding, debugging, and evaluating solutions immediately out of the box using the emulator and integrated development environment included in the kit.
  • Evaluation Kits
    Evaluation kits allow you to evaluate product performance or featured product functions for introductory use.
  • Development Kits
    Development Kits provide the resources to evaluate advanced features and functions, while reference kits target specific functions for a particular final product or application.
  • Demonstration Kits
    Demonstration kits are evaluation and demonstration tools for Renesas products with the goal of providing you with a powerful debug and demonstration platform targeted at common applications.
  • Reference Kits
    Reference kits can support you to evaluate specified functions for the particular final products/applications.

Boards & Kits List

Product ID Title Type Company
F5268EVS Evaluation System for the F5268 8-Channel Dual-Polarization TRX Beamformer IC Evaluation Renesas
F5288EVS Evaluation System for the F5288 8-Channel Dual-Polarization TRX Beamformer IC Evaluation Renesas
F5728EVS Evaluation Systems for the F5728 mmWave Up/Down-Converter Evaluation Renesas
F6121SEVS Evaluation System for the F6121 Evaluation Renesas
F6122SEVS Evaluation System for the F6122 Evaluation Renesas
F6212EVS Evaluation System for the F6212 Evaluation Renesas
F6506EVS Evaluation System for F6506 Evaluation Renesas
F6513SEVS Evaluation System for the F6513S Evaluation Renesas
F6521SEVS Evaluation System for the F6521S Evaluation Renesas
F6522SEVS Evaluation System for the F6522S Evaluation Renesas
F6921EVB Evaluation Board for F6921 Evaluation Renesas
F6922EVB Evaluation Board for F6922 Evaluation Renesas
F6923EVB Evaluation Board for F6923 Evaluation Renesas
F6931EVB F6931 Dual-Channel Low Noise Amplifier for Ku-Band SATCOM Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
F6932EVB F6932 Dual-Channel Low Noise Amplifier for Ka-Band SATCOM Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
FPB-R9A02G021 FPB-R9A02G021 RISC-V MCU Fast Prototyping Board Development Renesas
FPB-RA0E1 RA0E1 Fast Prototyping Board Evaluation Renesas
FPB-RA2E1 Fast Prototyping Board for RA2E1 MCU Group Evaluation Renesas
FPB-RA2E2 Fast Prototyping Board for RA2E2 MCU Group Evaluation Renesas
FPB-RA2E3 Fast Prototyping Board for RA2E3 MCU Group Evaluation Renesas
FPB-RA4E1 Fast Prototyping Board for RA4E1 MCU Group Evaluation Renesas
FPB-RA4E2 Fast Prototyping Board for RA4E2 MCU Group Evaluation Renesas
FPB-RA6E1 Fast Prototyping Board for RA6E1 MCU Group Evaluation Renesas
FPB-RA6E2 Fast Prototyping Board for RA6E2 MCU Group Evaluation Renesas
FS3000-EVK FS3000 Evaluation Kit Evaluation Renesas
FT6050EVK FT 6050 Smart Transceiver and Neuron 6050 Processor Development Platform for Creating LON®, LON/IP, BACnet/IP Devices Evaluation Renesas
FTCLICK MikroBUS™ Compatible Interface Module Development MikroElektronika
GR-MANGO Gadget Renesas Board for the RZ/A2M MPUs Evaluation Core
GR-PEACH GR-PEACH Evaluation Core
GREENPAK-LL-ADAPTER GreenPAK Logic Level Adapter Board Development Renesas
GSR-BCM-REF Galvanic Skin Resistance and Body Composition Meter Reference Design Solution Reference Renesas
H8/38347-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8/38347 Starter Renesas
H8S/2215R-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8S/2215R Starter Renesas
H8S/2456R-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8S/2456R Starter Renesas
H8S/2472-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8S/2472 Starter Renesas
H8SX/1582-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8SX/1582 Starter Renesas
H8SX/1622F-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8SX/1622F Starter Renesas
H8SX/1648F-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8SX/1648F Starter Renesas
H8SX/1664F-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8SX/1664F Starter Renesas
H8SX/1668-Starter-Kit Renesas Starter Kit for H8SX/1668 Starter Renesas
HI5960SOICEVAL1 14-Bit, 130MSPS, High-Speed D/A Converter Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
High-End-Gas-Cooker High-End Gas Cooker Reference Design Reference Renesas
HIP2103-4DEMO1Z 60V, 1A/2A Peak, 1/2 Bridge Driver with 4V UVLO Demonstration Board Demonstration Renesas
HIP2103-4DEMO2Z 3-Phase 1/2 Bridge Driver Demonstration Board Demonstration Renesas
HIP2103_4MBEVAL1Z 60V, 1A/2A Peak, 1/2 Bridge Driver with 4V UVLO Evaluation Kit Evaluation Renesas
HIP2210EVAL1Z 100V, 3A Source, 4A Sink, High-Frequency Half-Bridge NMOS FET Drivers Evaluation Renesas
HIP2211EVAL2Z 100V, 3A Source, 4A Sink, High-Frequency Half-Bridge NMOS FET Drivers with HI/LI Input (8 Ld SOIC) Evaluation Renesas
HIP2211EVAL3Z 100V, 3A Source, 4A Sink, High-Frequency Half-Bridge NMOS FET Drivers with HI/LI Input (10 Ld DFN) Evaluation Renesas
HIP4080A/81AEVALZ 80V/2.5A Peak, High Frequency Full Bridge FET Driver Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas