With the progress of the industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet, not only the improvement on performance and operability is required, the improvements on high-speed and opening of the network environment, safety of devices, security and etc. are also turning to be more and more necessary.
As an answer for all these requirements, Renesas offers optimum solutions targeting Programable Logic Controller , remote I/O and Ethernet Switch. Furthermore, solutions for high operability and visibility are also prepared.
In the below link, Introduce Renesas recommended devices and solutions.

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Programmable Logic Controller (Include option units)

Programmable logic controller (PLC) are used to control industrial machinery such as AC servos, general-purpose inverters, and sensors. They are widely used in factory automation systems for manufacturing and processing lines, machine tools, and industrial robots. To provide control capabilities tailored to each individual system, modular PLCs (CPU unit and various peripheral units) are used for large-scale and midsize systems, while block PLCs (CPU unit only) are used for small-scale systems.

Remote IO

Remote I/O enables master devices such as PLCs to control the input and output of data from a remote location via network. The input and output signals can be either digital or analog.

Ethernet Switch

The switch function is needed in an industrial Ethernet. It's needed to connect each node with the switch by an industrial network. Therefore the industrial switch is core equipment of a network and is a product with an implication dedicated for industry

Related Technologies

 Industrial Networks

Best-in-class communication components for industrial communications protocols such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus, IO-Link and more.

 IA Functional Safety

Renesas offers functional safety solutions and development tools with safety support.

 IA Security

Security is the heart of connected, smart manufacturing. Renesas provides device security technology and network security for confidential data transfer.