IO-Link is a point-to-point serial communication protocol standard used to communicate with sensors and/or actuators. It allows users to control and exchange three types of data – process data, service data, and events.

The industry-leading RL78 microcontroller, best-in-class ZSC310xx sensor signal conditioners, and ZIOL2401 IO-Link interface comprise of a complete solution that supports industrial automation trends, such as Industrial 4.0, Made-In-China 2025, and IIoT. Applications can include pressure sensing, level sensing, weight sensing, and a variety of other sensing functions.


  • Proven IO-Link PHY with ZIOL2401
  • An MCU with low power current consumption and strong analog features suited for sensor applications
  • Easy sensor signal conditioning with ZSC310xx
  • Fast integration

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Winning Combinations

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