This cold chain temperature monitoring solution uses wireless sensors to measure and record real-time temperatures in a remote location with a Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network, like a reefer, and detect temperature changes.

The scalable Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) for cold chain management solutions utilize IoT-enabled sensors to monitor and manage the environment of temperature-sensitive packages with anti-tampering capability to prevent spoilage and waste as they move through the supply chain.

System Benefits​:

  • Real-time based monitoring using the RA4W1 32-bit MCU with Bluetooth LE 5.0 is geared towards IoT applications requiring security, large embedded RAM and low power consumption comes in 7mm x 7mm form factor.
  • Secure Crypto Engine (AES128/256, GHASH, TRNG).
  • Utilizes Renesas' high-accuracy sensors, the ZMOD4410 indoor air quality sensor and HS3001 humidity and temperature sensor, for environmental monitoring.
  • RA4W1 is fully compliant with 2Mbit high-throughput (HT) and long-range support in a single chip MCU which is a cost-competitive solution targeting IoT-based applications that require a high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M4 core.




  • Pharmaceutical
  • Vaccines and medicines
  • Logistics and assets
  • Food and agriculture
  • Fresh dairies