QE for Display: Development Assistance Tool for Display Applications


This development assistance tool supports the development of embedded systems which use the LCD display functions of display controllers from Renesas. It supports MCUs of the RZ and RX families.


New release: QE for Display[RX]V1.1.0
The new version has added support for the RX72M, RX72N, and RX66N groups. It can also be used in combination with the "RX72N Envision Kit" for the HMI system development. The initial adjustment of the display can be easily done.

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Package Component
QE for Display
Latest Ver.: V1.3.0
Released: Apr 07, 2020
For RZ Family QE for Display[RZ]
Latest Ver.: V3.1.1
Released: Apr 07, 2020
Operating Environment (e² studio V7.1.0 or later. For details, please refer to the Web page for this operating environment.)
* QE for Camera[RZ] is installed along with this product.
* Previous product name: QE for Video Display Controller 5
For RX Family QE for Display[RX]
Latest Ver.: V1.1.0
Released: Apr 07, 2020
Operating Environment (e² studio V7.7.0 or later)


QE for Display is one of several solution toolkits which operate within the e² studio integrated development environment.

This product can shorten times to develop embedded systems that include image display through the Video Display Controller 5 (VDC5) in the case of the RZ family and the graphics LCD controller (GLCDC) in the case of the RX family, since QE for Display eases the initial adjustment of the display.

Interlinkage with the separately available RZ/A Software Development Kit (for the RZ family) and Envision Kit (for the RX family) strongly supports the development of HMI applications.


Dedicated View for Easy Settings of LCD Panel Timing

Timing settings which match the refresh rate specification of the display are easy to obtain while checking the results on the actual display. Settings that are not in accord with the requirements of the LCD spec. are marked as being in error, so the user is easily able to identify problems.

(refer to the Note1)

Easy Slider-Based Adjustment of Image Quality Settings

This tool supports various functions for adjusting image quality. You can easily adjust the images while checking the actual display. QE for Display[RZ] supports the adjustment of brightness, contrast, sharpness, gamma correction, and dithering, as well as the rotation and mirroring of images. QE for Display[RX] supports processing to make the settings in a sequence of processing through settings for calibration, brightness, contrast, gamma correction, and then dithering.

(refer to the Note1)

The dedicated GUI makes setting complex gamma correction easy.

Checking the handy block diagram helps you to move around the settings screen without becoming confused.

(refer to the Note1)

Check the Settings on the Actual Display

A single button press writes the current settings to registers, so you can check the results on the actual LCD panel. This tool also has a mode for automatically writing the changes to registers every time a setting is changed.

Generate a Header File Which Reflects the Settings for Use in Projects

When you have finished the settings, the settings corresponding to those in the GUI display are created in a header file for direct incorporation in projects. QE for Display can also operate in conjunction with the Supported Sample Programs.


  1. The screenshots are from the version for the RZ family.

Target Devices

Product Name Family Series Group
QE for Display[RZ] RZ RZ/A RZ/A1H, RZ/A1L, RZ/A1LC, RZ/A1LU, RZ/A1M, RZ/A2M
QE for Display[RX] RX RX600 RX65N (Note1), RX651 (Note1), RX66N
RX700 RX72MRX72N


  1. code-flash capacity: 1.5MB - 2MB


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