RZ Family of 64-Bit & 32-Bit Arm-Based High-End MPUs

The Renesas RZ Family of high-end 32 and 64-bit Arm®-based microprocessors (MPUs) enables the solutions required for the smart society of the future. Through a variety of Arm Cortex®-A7, A9, A15, A53, A57 and R4-based devices, engineers can easily implement high-resolution human machine interfaces (HMI), embedded vision, embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI) and real-time control and industrial ethernet connectivity.

RZ Family Brochure

Family Lineup

RZ ファミリ



グループ Flash (KB) RAM (KB) ピン数 動作電圧 (V) 周波数 (MHz) 特長
RZ/A2M 0 4096 176-324 3-3.6 528 HMI
RZ/A1H 0 10240 256-324 3-3.6 400 HMI
RZ/A1M 0 5120 256-324 3-3.6 400 HMI
RZ/A1LU 0 3072 176-233 3-3.6 400 HMI
RZ/A1L 0 3072 176-208 3-3.6 400 HMI
RZ/A1LC 0 2048 176 3-3.6 400 HMI


RZ/Gシリーズはカメラ入力、3Dグラフィックス、ハイスペックなビデオコーデック、PCIe、GbEなどの高速I/Fを備えた多機能プロセッサです。システムプラットフォームとしてLinux OS環境を体系的に整備した「RZ/G Linuxプラットフォーム」を提供しています。このプラットフォームはLinux導入・運用管理コストを下げたいお客様、Linuxに不慣れなお客様にフレンドリーな環境をご提供するスキームです。

グループ Flash (KB) RAM (KB) ピン数 動作電圧 (V) 周波数 (MHz) 特長
RZ/G1C 0 332 501 - 1000 Dual Cortex-A7, DDR3x32bit, 3DGfx, Video, FHD resolutions
RZ/G1E 0 332 501 - 1000 Dual Cortex-A7, DDR3x32bit, 3DGfx, Video, FHD resolutions
RZ/G1N 0 332 831 - 1500 Dual Cortex-A15, DDR3Lx32bit, 3DGfx, Video, FHD resolutions
RZ/G1M 0 332 831 - 1500 Dual Cortex-A15, DDR3Lx64bit, 3DGfx, Video, FHD resolutions
RZ/G1H 0 332 831 - 1400 Quad Cortex-A15, Quad Cortex-A7, DDR3x64bit, 3DGfx, Video, FHD resolutions
RZ/G2E 0 128 552 - 1200 Dual Cortex-A53, DDR3Lx32bit, 3DGfx, Video, FHD resolutions
RZ/G2N 0 384 1022 - 1500 Dual Cortex-A57, LPDDR4x32bit, 3DGfx, Video, 4K resolutions
RZ/G2M 0 384 1022 - 1500 Dual Cortex-A57, Quad Cortex-A53, LPDDR4x64bit, 3DGfx, Video, 4K resolutions
RZ/G2H 0 384 1022 - 1500 Quad Cortex-A57, Quad Cortex-A53, LPDDR4x128bit, 3DGfx, Video, 4K resolutions



グループ Flash (KB) RAM (KB) ピン数 動作電圧 (V) 周波数 (MHz) 特長
RZ/V2M 0 1200 841 3.135-3.465 996 Dual Cortex-A53, LPDDR4x32bit, AI Accelerator, ISP, 4K Video Codec, 4K Camera Input, FHD display output



グループ Flash (KB) RAM (KB) ピン数 動作電圧 (V) 周波数 (MHz) 特長
RZ/T1 0 544-1568 176-320 3-3.6 600 High-speed Real-time control
RZ/T1-M 0 544-1568 112 3-3.6 450 -



グループ Flash (KB) RAM (KB) ピン数 動作電圧 (V) 周波数 (MHz) 特長
RZ/N1D 0 2048 324-400 3-3.6 500 Industrial Network
RZ/N1L 0 6144 196 3-3.6 125 Industrial Network
RZ/N1S 0 6144 196-324 3-3.6 500 Industrial Network

RZ MPUs for Human Machine Interface

RZ/A MPUs for Display Systems and HMI

RZ/A MPUs – The Power of an MPU, the Simplicity of an MCU

The RZ/A MPUs combine a 32-bit Arm® Corex® A9 CPU with up to 10 MB of on-chip SRAM and ability to execute code in-place (XIP) from QSPI flash.

RZ/G MPUs for 3D Graphics and Full-HD Video Display

RZ/G Series MPUs for 3D Graphics and Full-HD Video Display

RZ/G Series MPUs extends the capabilities of RZ/A MPUs to deliver high-end performance for graphics, multi-stream video and embedded vision.

  • 32-bit and 64-bit Arm Cortex A-Series cores
  • MIPI camera input
  • 3D graphics accelerators
  • Full HD video codecs
  • High-reliability internal and external ECC memory
  • Full suite of memory and I/O interfaces
  • Free RZ/G Linux Platform tools reduce design cost
  • Super Long Term Support Linux kernel from CIP

RZ MPUs for Industrial Network & Real-time Control

RZ/T MPUs for Real-Time Control

RZ/T Series MPUs for Real-Time Control

  • High-performance, high-speed real time control
  • R-IN engine industrial Ethernet communications accelerator
  • Integrated peripheral functions

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RZ/N MPUs for Industrial Networking

RZ/N Series MPUs for Industrial Networking

  • Optimized MCUs for a variety of industrial networking applications
  • R-IN engine enables implementation of major industrial Ethernet protocols (slave)
  • Redundant network configuration reduces network downtime to zero

Get Started with RZ/N MPUs

RZ MPU for human machine interfaces

Software Tools

Development Environment for the Renesas RZ Family MPUs

Optimal solutions for human machine interface (HMI) and system control that fuse Renesas' microprocessor experience with the global ecosystem of Arm® partners.