The Renesas RZ Family of 32-bit and 64-bit microprocessors (MPUs) enables the solutions required for the smart societies of the future. Through high-performance CPU cores and a variety of accelerators and peripheral functions, engineers can easily implement high-resolution human machine interfaces (HMI), embedded vision, embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI), and real-time control and industrial ethernet connectivity.

Features of Each RZ Series

RZ MPUs for Artificial Intelligence

RZ/V Series

  • High-speed edge AI inference and low power consumption by DRP-AI
  • Reduce environmental impact for AI with camera ISP
  • Supports the same level of capabilities as RZ/G

RZ MPUs for Human Machine Interface

RZ/A Series

The RZ/A MPUs combine a 32-bit Arm Cortex-A9 CPU with up to 10MB of on-chip SRAM and the ability to execute code in-place (XIP) from QSPI flash.

RZ/G Series

RZ/G Series MPUs extend the capabilities of RZ/A MPUs to deliver high-end performance for graphics, multi-stream video and embedded vision.

RZ MPUs for Real-Time Control & Industrial Network

RZ/T Series

  • High-performance, high-speed real-time control
  • Renesas R-IN engine (“R-IN engine”) for multi-protocol Industrial Ethernet
  • Configurable encoder I/F for various protocol encoders

RZ/N Series

  • Scalable architecture for master/slave products
  • R-IN engine for multi-protocol Industrial Ethernet and redundant network
  • Space and cost-efficient design by integrated large size memory


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