The RL78 microcontroller family features the following six advantages and provides customers the ability to build compact and energy-efficient systems at a lower cost.

RL78 Features: Comprehensive Development Tools, Low Power Consumption, Broad Scalability, Reliable Safety Functions, Reduced System Cost, High Performance

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RL78 Family Lineup

RL78/G2x (General purpose)

GroupFeaturesPin CountFlash (KB)Solution
RL78/G22General-Purpose Microcontrollers with Excellent Low-Power Performance and Rich Capacitive Touch Channels16 - 4832 - 64General purpose
RL78/G23New Standard RL78 General-Purpose Microcontrollers with Further Refined Low-Power Performance30 - 12896 - 768General purpose
RL78/G24New Generation RL78 General-Purpose Microcontrollers with Highest RL78 Processing Performance and Enhanced Analog and Timers20 - 6464 - 128General purpose

RL78/G1x (General purpose)

GroupFeaturesPin CountFlash (KB)Solution
RL78/G10General-purpose microcontrollers with low pin count, compact size, and low power consumption, ideal for small electronic devices and as sub-microcontrollers10 - 161 - 4General purpose
RL78/G11Low pin and internal configurable analog MCU20 - 2516General purpose
RL78/G12General-purpose microcontrollers with compact size, low power consumption, and high performance ideal as sub-microcontrollers20 - 302 - 16General purpose
RL78/G13Standard general-purpose microcontrollers with low power consumption, high performance, and a rich lineup24 - 12816 - 512General purpose
RL78/G13ALow Power, Lower Operating Current Microcontrollers for General Purpose Applications44 - 100384 - 512General purpose
RL78/G14General-purpose microcontrollers with low power consumption and high performance, ideal for motor control36 - 10016 - 512General purpose
Motor Control
RL78/G15Compact, low pin count general-purpose microcontrollers with rich peripheral functions8 - 204 - 8General purpose
RL78/G16Compact, low pin count general-purpose microcontrollers with capacitive touch sensor unit, ideal for home appliances and high-temperature environments10 - 3216 - 32General purpose
RL78/G1AGeneral-purpose microcontrollers with high-precision A/D converter, ideal for measuring devices25 - 6416 - 64General purpose
RL78/G1CSmall microcontroller supporting USB communication and rapid charging (USB2.0, BC1.2 standard compliant)32 - 4832General purpose
RL78/G1DBluetooth® Low Energy microcontrollers for smart connection with industry's lowest-class power consumption0 - 48128 - 256General purpose
RL78/G1EMicrocontrollers with smart analog technology suitable for sensor devices and measuring devices64 - 8032 - 64General purpose
RL78/G1FMulti-function microcontrollers with enhanced functionality suitable for sensor-less BLDC motors24 - 6432 - 64General purpose
Motor Control
RL78/G1GMicrocontrollers for brushless DC motor control with built-in comparator for stopping motor rotation when abnormality detected, PGA, and 8-bit D/A converter30 - 448 - 16General purpose
Motor Control
RL78/G1HMicrocontrollers that contributes to reduction of power consumption load for sub-GHz wireless communication systems with industry's lowest class receive current64256 - 512General purpose
RL78/G1M8-bit General-purpose Microcontroller Equipped with Real-time Output Terminals for Motor Drive204 - 8General purpose
RL78/G1N8-bit General-purpose Microcontroller Equipped with Large Current Output Terminals for LED Drive204 - 8General purpose
RL78/G1PSmall Pin General-purpose Microcontroller with 12-bit A/D Converter and 10-bit D/A Converter24 - 3216General purpose


GroupFeaturesPin CountFlash (KB)Solution
RL78/L12Low power consumption, compact LCD microcontrollers suitable for small home appliances and healthcare devices32 - 648 - 32LCD
RL78/L13Low power consumption, standard LCD microcontrollers suitable for LCD display of home appliances and measurement devices64 - 8016 - 128LCD
RL78/L1ALow power 16-bit LCD microcontroller with rich analog integration.80 - 10048 - 128LCD
RL78/L1CHigh-function LCD microcontrollers with USB 2.0/rapid charging support for sensor modules and healthcare devices80 - 10064 - 256LCD

RL78/I1x (Industrial applications)

GroupFeaturesPin CountFlash (KB)Solution
RL78/I1AMicrocontrollers that output high-resolution PWM signals for fine dimming and toning control of LED lighting20 - 3832 - 64Lighting/
power supply
RL78/I1CRenesas introduces the RL78/I1C - Industry's lowest power microcontrollers for high-end Smart electricity meter market!80 - 10064 - 256Power Meter
RL78/I1DMicrocontrollers ideal for devices with low power requirement such as sensor applications and detectors20 - 488 - 32Sensor applications
RL78/I1EMicrocontrollers with analog functions allowing high-accuracy measurement of flow rate, pressure, and weight32 - 3632Sensor applications

RL78/F2x (Automotive)

GroupFeaturesPin CountFlash (KB)Solution
RL78/F23Next Gen. Actuator and Sensor Microcontroller32 - 80128Automotive
RL78/F24Next Gen. Actuator and Sensor Microcontroller32 - 100256Automotive

RL78/F1x (Automotive and Industrial applications)

GroupFeaturesPin CountFlash (KB)Solution
RL78/F13Automotive general-purpose low-end microcontrollers with high reliability, also suitable for industrial applications30 - 6416 - 128Automotive
RL78/F14Automotive general-purpose low-end microcontrollers with built-in motor control functions, also suitable for industrial applications48 - 10048 - 256Automotive
RL78/F15Microcontrollers that offer enhanced CAN, LIN, IEBus communication functions and memory lineup from RL78/F1448 - 144128 - 512Automotive

RL78/D1A (LCD, Automotive)

GroupFeaturesPin CountFlash (KB)Solution
RL78/D1AMicrocontrollers for Automotive Low-end Instrument Clusters48 - 12824 - 512Automotive

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