This EV charging station targets connected consumer and business EV chargers. Its modular approach enables a variety of connectivity solutions ranging from Wi-Fi, Cat-M1 LTE or PLC, with the option to add additional interfaces like Ethernet, Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE), or wired communication through a MODBUS interface. The available NFC reader allows for customized billing and access control. Power consumption can be monitored in a standard AC power environment through a modular metrology solution which also supports load balancing and safety features.

System Benefits​:

  • Flexible solution supporting 1- to 3-phase solutions
  • MCU supports dual-flash bank operation permitting safe over-the-air (OTA) updates and fallback
  • High voltage AC/DC eliminates need for optocouplers



  • Home (consumer) EV chargers
  • Commercial and industrial pay-as-you-go meters
Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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