Body temperature measurement systems are a healthy and safe way to measure body heat. Compared with common IR contactless thermometers, they can measure at longer distances (>50cm). Users of this solution can measure body temperatures accurately and quickly, and the solution can be integrated into access control systems easily. This system incorporates the Time of Flight (ToF) IC to provide an efficient solution that is easy to design and control, while also providing accurate wide-range distance measurement. With a high-performance LDO, this reference design provides a reliable power system.

System Benefits:

  • A low-cost, low-power, and high-performance MCU controls the system
  • Features a high-performance LDO as part of the integrated solution
  • ToF IC with high-accuracy distance measurement



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CN270 Time of Flight Time of Flight Time of Flight CN270 CN270 CN270 5V 5V 5V Host Host Host 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 32A Thermopile Array Module 32A Thermopile Array Module 32A Thermopile Array Module MSA Thermopile Sensor Module MSA Thermopile Sensor Module MSA Thermopile Sensor Module Double arrow.284 Right arrow 1pt.125 Double arrow.286 LDO LDO LDO Right arrow 1pt.290 Line 1pt.126 Double arrow.293 Line 1pt.126.294 Line 1pt.126.295 Down arrow 1pt.127 Sheet.309 Host Power Host Power Host Power Right arrow.252 Connector.287 Right arrow.252.317 MCU MCU MCU MCU Block.93 UART UART Block.95 UART UART Block.94 I2C I2C
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