Renesas' complementary product portfolios work together to deliver comprehensive solutions for building and home automation applications. Renesas leverages advanced connectivity, sensing, user interface, and low-power technology to enable a new dimension in automated monitoring, control, safety, security, and lighting functions.


1-Phase Power Meter
1-Phase Static Meter
100W Adaptor with Power Delivery & Wireless Charger 100W USB Power Delivery (PD) Adaptor with Multi-Output
20-28 Cell Battery Pack (Up to 118V)
20V Cordless Leaf Blower
2nd Generation Capacitive Touch Sensor System
AC/DC Non-Isolated Capacitive Touch Wall Switch
AI Vision & Voice Recognition Solution
Air Cleaner with Humidifying Functions
Air Conditioner (High-End)
Air Conditioner (Low-End)
Air Duct System
Air Purifier Sensor Module
Air Quality Control for IoT Building Automation
Air Quality Monitor (PM2.5) with Secure Cloud Connection
Arduino Shield Sensor Board
Arduino® Nicla Smart Sensor Module Arduino® Nicla Smart Sensor Module
Automatic Plant Watering System
Bathroom Odor Detector
Bathroom Odor Detector with Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Sensor Network Solution
Body Temperature Measurement in Access Control Systems
Brushless DC Motor Control Solution
Building Automation Lighting with Air Quality Sensors Solution
Capacitive Touch Panel Solution
Capacitive Touch Sensor Solutions
Central Vacuum Cleaner
Clocking for High-End Audio Video Applications
Cloud Connected Video Doorbell
Cloud Connected Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® Low Energy Sensor Hub
Communications Solutions for Network Infrastructure
Critical Power Monitoring System
Data Center Solutions
Digital Illuminometer
Drink Machine with Water Level Detection
Drive Circuit for a Heating or Inductive Coil
Edge Keyword Detection
Edge Voice User Interface (VUI) Solution
Electric Fan
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Wall Box
Electronic Lock with Fingerprint Identification
Electronic Valve with Flow Meter
Elevator Control System
Energy-Efficient Single-Burner Induction Cooktop
FOTA Solutions
Functional Safety Solution for Capacitive Touch Sensor
Furnace Control
Heat Pump Control System Heat Pump Control System
High-End Electric Fan with BLDC Control
High-End Motor Control
High-Performance Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Wall Box High-Performance Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Wall Box
High-Performance HMI System
Highly Efficient and Cost Optimized Smart Heat Pump Highly Efficient and Cost-optimized Smart Heat Pump
HMI Solution Board with High-End 32-Bit MCU
Home-Based Water Meter
Household Smoke Detector
Household Water Pump
HVAC Air Quality Sensor
HVAC Humidity Sensor
IH Cooking Heater (High-End)
IH Cooking Heater (Mid-Range)
IH Rice Cooker (High-End)
Image Sensor Module
In-Home Air Quality Monitor System
Indoor Air Quality Sensor (IAQ)
Induction Heating Rice Cooker
IoT Sensor Board with Machine Learning & Bluetooth® Low Energy
IP Gateway for Automatic Home or Building HVAC System
Iris Scanning System
Kitchen Range Hood with 2D Touch Sensor
Large Power BLDC Ceiling Fan with PFC
LoRaWAN®-Based Gas Meter
Low Power Backup with Supercapacitor
Master Actuator for Automatic Home or Building HVAC System
Mbed™ Based Image Processing Solution
Mini-LED TV Backlight Unit - Large Matrix
Multi-Function Cordless Drill with Wire Detection
Network Infrastructure Solutions
Networking Solutions for Smart Cities
Outdoor Air Quality Sensor (OAQ)
Portable Wi-Fi Controlled RGBW Lighting
Power Meter with RF Communication
Programable Radiator Mounted Heating Thermostat
Refrigerator (High-End)
Refrigerator (Low-End)
Refrigerator Odor Detector
Remote Monitoring System
Robotic Lawn Mower
Robotic Lawn Mower
RZ/G2E MPU Full-Function HMI Solution
RZ/G2M MPU Full Function HMI Solution
RZ/G2M Multi-Display HMI SoM Solution
Scalable HMI SMARC SoM with AI
Secure Cloud & Sensor Solution
Simplified Contactless Thermometer
Single-Phase Power Meter
Slave Actuator for Automatic Home or Building HVAC System
SMARC SoM Module for RZ MCUs
SMARC System for Single-Core Cortex®-A55 MPU
SMARC System for Single-Core RISC-V MPU
Smart BLDC Air Cooler
Smart BLDC Ceiling Fan
Smart BLDC Fan with Humidity and Gas Sensors
Smart Coffee Machine
Smart Earbuds Case Charger
Smart Heat Pump Controller Smart Heat Pump Controller
Smart Home Controller with Multiple PHY
Smart Home LPG Cylinder Monitor
Smart Industrial Gas Alarm
Smart IoT Air Purifier
Smart Lighting Control with RGB Light Sensor
Smart Lock Smart Lock with Super-Low Power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy
Smart Lock Smart Lock with Super-Low Power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy
Smart Range Hood
Smart Room Controller with DAB Audio System
Smart Solar Battery Charger Smart Solar Battery Charger
Solar Irrigation Pump Controller Smart Solar Irrigation Pump Controller
Smart Terminal Backup Power System
Smart ToF Based Rangefinder with Mobile App Smart ToF Based Rangefinder with Mobile App
Smart Toilet
Smart Waste Bin
Smart Water Leakage Sensor
Smart Water Shutdown Valve
Soundbar with Bluetooth Streaming
Surveillance Camera
Surveillance Camera with CMOS Sensor
System on Module (SoM) Solution with RZ/G2E
Tankless Gas Water Heater with Remote Control
Thermopile CO₂ Detector
Thermostat with Color Touchscreen and Cloud Connection
Three-Phase Power Meter
Time of Flight (ToF) Sensor Module
TMR Sensor-Based Flow Meter
Touchless Button Solution
Touchless Toilet with Biosensor
Triac-Based Motor Controller
Vending Machine with Secure Cloud Connection
Video IP Phone
Voice Activated DALI Lighting Controls
Voice Controlled Clotheshorse with Connectivity
Voice Recognition & Smart Control
Voice/Face Recognition for Security Systems
Washing Machine (High-End)
Washing Machine (Low-End)
Water Meter
Waterproof Shower Controller
Wi-SUN FAN-Based High Output Sub-GHz Wireless Communication
Wireless Sensor Hub
Wireless Sensor Network Solutions


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