[Upgrade to Version] Solution Toolkit QE for OTA V2.0.0: Development Assistance Tool for Cloud (PDF | English, 日本語)
・Support FreeRTOS v202210.01-LTS-rx-1.1.3 (LTS #2)
・Support the Fleet Provisioning method
・Support RL78 Family RL78/G23 group

QE for OTA is a development assistance tool that enables easy trial of over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates with Amazon Web Services (AWS, Azure).


  • Enables easy introduction of RTOS projects
  • Automates various cloud settings such as creating those for IoT devices
  • Creating initial firmware required for OTA updates and support for the debugging and programming of devices
  • Creating firmware updates, uploading the firmware to the cloud, and making settings required for OTA updates

Release Information

Product NameLatest Ver.ReleasedTaget Device (Note1)DetailsDownload(Note2)Operating Environment
QE for OTAV2.0.0Mar 1, 2024RX Family
RL78 Family
See Release NoteDownloadOperating Environment


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Target Devices


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Design & Development

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QE for OTA Tutorial : How to implement Microsoft Azure ADU by using Azure on RX65N

QE for OTA Tutorial: How to implement FreeRTOS OTA by using Microsoft Azure on RX65N
This tutorial walks you through setting up Microsoft Azure, creating initial firmware, and executing OTA with updated firmware using QE for OTA.

00:00 Opening
00:15 Preparing the demo project
04:10 Preparing initial firmware
06:15 Executing OTA

Additional Details


Simply proceed through the workflow to realize over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates via the AWS cloud.

QE for OTA provides a graphical user interface that allows you to set up the cloud, import sample projects, manage IoT devices, create firmware, and start OTA updates.



View for creating firmware for individual IoT devices and starting OTA updates

The [OTA Manage IoT Device (QE)] view, which is used to manage IoT devices, has the following features.

  • Creating and downloading a device certificate and security key for each IoT device
  • Creating an initial version of firmware (with the source code including IoT-device specific information)
  • Support for programming boards with the initial firmware
  • Creating firmware updates (with the source code including IoT-device specific information
  • Uploading firmware updates to the cloud and starting OTA updates


Supported Driver and Middleware

Releases - renesas/iot-reference-rx - GitHub
Releases - renesas/amazon-freertos - GitHub
202012.00-rx-1.0.0, 202012.00-rx-1.0.1, 202012.00-rx-1.0.2, 202107.00-rx-1.0.0, 202107.00-rx-1.0.1
Releases - renesas/azure-rtos - GitHub
6.2.1_rel-rx-1.0.0, 6.2.1_rel-rx-1.0.1

The combinations of the confirmed board and OTA sample program (including RTOS)

Board or KitOTA sample projects(including RTOS)
CK-RX65NFreeRTOS v202107.00-rx-1.0.1, FreeRTOS v202210.01-LTS-rx-1.1.3(LTS #2)
Azure RTOS 6.2.1_rel-rx-1.0.1, Azure RTOS 6.2.1_rel-rx-1.0.0
RX65N-Cloud-KitFreeRTOS v202107.00-rx-1.0.1, FreeRTOS v202107.00-rx-1.0.0
FreeRTOS v202012.00-rx-1.0.2, FreeRTOS v202012.00-rx-1.0.1, FreeRTOS v202012.00-rx-1.0.0
RX65N-2MB-Starter-Kit-PlusFreeRTOS v202107.00-rx-1.0.1, FreeRTOS v202107.00-rx-1.0.0
FreeRTOS v202012.00-rx-1.0.2, FreeRTOS v202012.00-rx-1.0.1, FreeRTOS v202012.00-rx-1.0.0
RX72N-ENVISION-KITFreeRTOS v202012.00-rx-1.0.2
RX671-Starter-Kit-PlusFreeRTOS v202012.00-rx-1.0.2

The confirmed debugging tools