Security from Concept to Production

Creating a secure product requires a full set of security solutions. Let Renesas guide you through the design and implementation of a secure, connected application, from basic security concepts, to advanced topics such as key handling and cloud connectivity, and finally mass production and secure firmware updates.

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Unique MCU Features

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Unique MCU Features

Renesas’s unique approach to security is based on the principle that security needs to be built into the MCU, to provide an inseparable hardware Root of Trust.

  • Integrated secure element functionality
  • Tamper resistance
  • Unlimited secure key storage
  • Hardware cryptographic acceleration
  • SPA/DPA resistance
  • Isolation technologies including Arm® TrustZone®
  • Device Lifecycle Management

See the product Family pages for specific features of each device:


Valuable Certifications

Security certifications inspire confidence in Renesas’s security offerings. These certifications are often mandatory for applications in regulated industries. They can also be leveraged for end-product certification.

NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 3RX65N
NIST CAVPRA Family with SCE9
RA Family with SCE7
RX Family with TSIP
RX Family with TSIP Lite
RZ Family with TSIP
Synergy Platform with SCE7
PSA Certified Level 2RA6M4
PSA Certified Level 1RA4M2, RA4M3, RA6M4, RA6M5
RA6M1, RA6M2, RA6M3
Synergy S5 Series

Customizable Solutions

Renesas strives to offer solutions and tools that give engineers the freedom to innovate and differentiate, and still meet aggressive development schedules. Use them out-of-the-box, or tailor them as needed. See the Documentation and Downloads sections below for these solutions and more!

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Secure Key Installation
Prevent cloning, IP theft, and infrastructure compromise.

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Secure Boot, Secure Firmware Updates
Keep deployed products up to date and protected against the latest security threats.

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Secure Communication
Protect data and infrastructure, including internet and cloud connectivity.

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Tamper Resistance
Prohibit access to device memories and sensitive information.

World-wide Partners

From specialized cryptography and secure product design, to secure production programming and device management, our Partner Ecosystem is ready help. Be sure to check the Renesas Partner security-orientated products and solutions for ways to further reduce development effort and accelerate time-to-market.

Software & Tool Pages

Security Key Management ToolSolution ToolkitA command-line tool for encrypting the RA family SCE's Protected Mode, DLM keys, Synergy SCE, or the encryption required when using the RX / RE / RZ family TSIP.Renesas
Flexible Software Package (FSP)Software PackageFSP is an enhanced software package designed to provide easy-to-use, scalable, high-quality software for embedded system designs using Renesas RA Family of Arm Microcontrollers.
Note: FSP with e² studio Installer (Platform Installer) will install the e² studio tool, FSP packs, GCC toolchain and Segger J-Link drivers required to use this software. No additional installations are required.
Trusted Secure IP DriverSecurity / CryptoTrusted Secure IP driver software: this software supports AES with 128- and 256-bit keys), AES-GCM, AES-CMAC, and random number generation. Safely executes AES key management, secure updating of firmware, and secure booting at high speeds.Renesas
e² studioIDE and Coding ToolEclipse-based Renesas integrated development environment (IDE).
[Support MCU/MPU: RA, RE, RX, RL78, RH850, Renesas Synergy, RZ]
(Note: You need to install compiler separately as an additional software)
(Note: No separate e² studio installation required for RA FSP, this will be installed as part of the FSP with e² studio installer (Platform Installer) on GitHub.)
Renesas Flash Programmer (Programming GUI)Programmer (Unit/SW)Flash memory programming software [Support MCU/MPU and devices: RA, RE, RX, RL78, RH850, Renesas Synergy, Power Management, Renesas USB Power Delivery Family, ICs for Motor Driver/Actuator Driver, V850, 78KR, 78K0]Renesas



Type Title Date
Sample Code
[Software=RX Driver Package|V1.42],[Toolchains=CC-RX|V3.06.00;GNURX|;IAR Compiler for RX|v.5.10.01]
Log in to Download ZIP 100.82 MB
Application: Consumer Electronics, Industrial
Compiler: CC-RX, GNURX, ICCRX Function: Security IDE: e2 studio, IAR EWRX
Sample Code
The application example provided in this package uses the Secure Crypto Engine 9 (SCE9) module based on RA6M4 to generate a pair of ECC keys and uses a local CA to generate the device certificate based on the ECC public key.
Log in to Download ZIP 13.90 MB
Sample Code Log in to Download ZIP 845 KB
Sample Code
[Toolchains=GCC Arm Embedded|] [Software=RA FSP] [Board=EK-RA2E1]
Log in to Download ZIP 15.03 MB Compiler: GNU Arm Embedded IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
[Software=RX Driver Package|V1.39],[Toolchains=CC-RX|V3.06.00;GNURX|]
Log in to Download ZIP 198.17 MB 日本語
Application: Appliances, Building Automation, Medical & Healthcare
Compiler: CC-RX, GNURX Function: Application Example IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
This application project discusses the considerations for securing Data at Rest in an embedded system and provides guidelines on how to use the Security MPU hardware feature of the RA Family MCUs to implement a secure Data at Rest solution.
Log in to Download ZIP 2.66 MB Compiler: ARMCC IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
MCUboot is a secure bootloader for 32-bit MCUs. It defines a common infrastructure for the bootloader, defines system flash layout on microcontroller systems, and provides a secure bootloader that enables easy software update.
Log in to Download ZIP 7.44 MB Compiler: GNU Arm Embedded IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
The application example provided in this package uses the Secure Crypto Engine (SCE) module based on RA6M3 to generate a device identity unique to each device which is securely stored in the internal flash using the Security Memory Protection Unit (MPU) and the Flash Access Window (FAW) hardware features of the MCU.
Log in to Download ZIP 9.74 MB Compiler: ARMCC IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code Log in to Download ZIP 12.34 MB
Sample Code Log in to Download ZIP 6.53 MB
Sample Code Log in to Download ZIP 12.15 MB
Sample Code Log in to Download ZIP 2.21 MB
Sample Code
This application project is built with the integrated “Azure IoT SDK for Embedded C” package which allows small embedded (IoT) devices like Renesas RA family of MCUs RA6M3, RA6M4, and RA6M5 to communicate with Azure services.
Log in to Download ZIP 9.71 MB IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
The application example provided in the package uses AWS IoT Core. The detailed steps in this document show first-time AWS IoT Core users how to configure the AWS IoT Core platform to run this application example.
Log in to Download ZIP 4.89 MB IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code Log in to Download ZIP 2.91 MB Compiler: CC-RX IDE: e2 studio
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RX Family Secure Firmware Update

Sixth in the RX security video series – Renesas walks through the process of encrypting the application program and performing a Secure Firmware Update using the Renesas Secure Flash Programmer so that the plain text of the application program to be updated is not exposed when updating the application program.

Chapter's Title

0:00:00 Opening
0:00:23 Recommended Viewing
0:00:53 Secure Factory Programming
0:02:16 Secure Firmware Update
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