In home appliances, the thermostat is a key element often used for central control. As part of the smart home, this thermostat design enables users to connect to the cloud and increase to a larger size color screen for ease of use. The RA6M3 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) supports quick cloud connection as well as the LCD controller (LCDC). RA6M3 can also integrate a voice user interface (VUI). Low power Wi-Fi can support wireless connectivity to the cloud side. And, the color TFT-LCD screen supports a more friendly human machine interface (HMI).

System Benefits​:

  • High ESD RS-485 and lower power Wi-Fi communication
  • Easy voice recognition and color TFT-LCD support more friendly HMI
  • Isolated AC/DC buck helps to achieve high efficiency and lower EMI




  • Smart thermostat