This ultra compact indoor/outdoor/temperature/humidity sensor module comes in a very small footprint (22x22mm) with Arduino™ Nicla form factor and connections. The board is powered from an external 5V or 3V source respectively. Output data is issued via an I2C slave connection to the controlling host processor, or alternatively via SPI, or serial port. Alternative board population allows direct connection with a PMOD connector (I2C only) or via a wired connection using the VESLOV™ connector in the Arduino user space. The side connectors on the board allow direct soldering of the board on a host PCB, or via pins to the Arduino™ Nicla board.

System Benefits:

  • Ultra-compact sensor module (22x22mm), with integrated cross sensor compensation
  • Dual power input (5V-3V)
  • Multiple data out interface capabilities (PMOD, VESLOV™, SPI, I2C, serial, Direct)




  • Heat pump and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Weather station
  • Industrial automation equipment
  • Building automation equipment