With some reports stating a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8% from 2020-2027 and a market size of $8.04 Billion, air purifiers are a fast-growing industry. Driven by the rising prevalence of airborne diseases and rising pollution levels, it is not difficult to see that these are realistic figures. This winning combination is for a sensor module that will fit any air purifier application, making integrating sensors simple and off-loading the main control MCU. 

System Benefits​:

  • Integrated sensor module, simplifies integration and control
  • Single module fits any air purifier design, contains a gas sensor + temperature and relative humidity sensor + MCU
  • Simplified and low-cost power scheme



Winning Combinations Interactive Diagram

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Template 1 KR005 KR005 KR005 Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Temperature & RH Sensor Temperature & RH Sensor Temperature &RH Sensor LDO LDO LDO MCU MCU MCU Connector Arrow 13mA MAX 13mAMAX 13mAMAX Connector double arrow Connector Arrow.66 Connector 1.160 Connector Arrow.68 I2C I2C I2C 24.4µA MAX 24.4µAMAX 24.4µAMAX Connector Arrow.71 Connector double arrow.72 I2C.73 I2C I2C 5V/18mA 5V/18mA 5V/18mA Connector Line To Main MCU To Main MCU To Main MCU
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