Analog front end mounted 32-bit microcontroller ideal for high precision sensing, test and measurement equipment


The RX23E-A group microcontrollers are equipped with an analog front end that can measure temperature, pressure, flow, and weight with less than 0.1% precision without calibration, making it ideal for high-precision sensing, test and measurement equipment. The CPU is equipped with an RXv2 core that excels in DSP / FPU operations, enabling high-accuracy measurement, control, and communication with a single chip.


Key Features

Analog Front End Features

  • Dual 24-bit delta sigma A/D converters: Up to 23-bit effective resolution, Programmable data rate 7.6 sps to 15,625 ksps
  • PGA: Rail-to-rail analog input, Gain 1 to 128, Offset drift 10 nV/°C, Gain drift 1 ppm/°C
  • Voltage Reference: Low drift 4ppm/°C with good temperature stability
  • Excitation Current Source: Matched programmable current source

MCU Features

  • CPU: 32-bit RXv2 (32 MHz), DSP/FPU for digital signal processing
  • Interface: SPI x 1 ch, UART x 4 ch, I2C x 1 ch, CAN x 1 ch

RX23E-A Block Diagram


(x = Code for memory size, y = Code for operating ambient temperature)

Items RX23E-A
Pin Count 48 pin 40 pin
Product name R5F523ExAyFL R5F523ExAyNF
Analog Front End (AFE) 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D Converter

- 2 units, Data Rate 7.6 sps to 15.6 ksps
- Up to 23-bit effective resolution
- Simultaneous 50/60 Hz rejection

- Reference voltage external input compatible (dual input)

- Synchronous start function

- Fourth-order sinc filter

- Offset error/Gain error correction function


- Rail-to-rail analog input, Gain 1 to 128

- Gain drift 1 ppm/°C
- Offset drift 10 nV/°C

- RMS noise 30 nVrms

Analog Input Differential 6 inputs or Single end 11 inputs Differential 4 inputs or Single end 7 inputs
Voltage Reference
2.5 V ± 0.1 %, Temperature drift 4 ppm/°C
Excitation Current Source

- Max. 4 channels, 50 to 1000 uA

- Current matching ±0.2%
- Drift matching 5 ppm/°C

Temperature Sensor 1 unit, Accuracy ± 5 °C
Bias Voltage Generator 1 unit, Output voltage AVCC0/2
Low-side Switch 1 unit, On-resistance 10 Ω
Voltage Detector

- Low power-supply-voltage detector
- Delta-sigma A/D input voltage fault detectors
- Delta-sigma A/D reference voltage fault detectors and disconnect detectors
- Excitation current source disconnect detectors

12-bit A/D Converter 6 channels x 1 unit 4 channels x 1 unit
CPU Core - RX CPU v2 core, General purpose register: 32-bit x 16
- Multiplier : 32-bit multiplier
- Divider : Available
- Multiply-Accumulate : Available (Inter-memory operation and Inter-register operation)
Operating Frequency 32 MHz
Floating Point Operation Unit Single precision floating point unit (Support Addition/Subtraction/Compare/Multiple/Divide or other instruction)
Code Flash 128 KB (x=5), 256 KB (x=6)
Data Flash 8 KB
SRAM 16 KB (x=5), 32 KB (x=6) 
Clock Generator - Main Clock Oscillator : 1 MHz to 20 MHz (VCC≧2.4V), 1 MHz to 8 MHz (VCC<2.4V)
- High-speed On-chip Oscillator : 32 MHz
- Low-speed On-chip Oscillator : 4 MHz
- PLL Frequency Synthesizer : 24 MHz to 32 MHz (VCC≧2.4V)
- IWDT Dedicated On-chip Oscillator : 15 kHz
Interrupt NMI, IRQ0 - IRQ7
Event Link Controller Available
DMA DMA Controller 4 channels
Data Transfer Controller Available
Timer Multi-function Timer Pulse Unit2 6 channels
Port Output Enable2 POE0# - POE3#, POE8#
8-bit Timer 2 channels x 2 units
Compare Match Timer 2 channels
Low Power Timer 1 channel
Independent Watchdog Timer Available
Communication Interface Serial Communicaion Unit (SCIg, SCIh) 4 channels 3 channels
IIC-Bus Interface (RIICa) 1 channel
Serial Peripheral Interface (RSPIa) 1 channel
CAN Module (RSCAN) 1 channel
IO Port General Purpose I/O 21 17
Safety Function A/D converter self-diagnosis function/ Disconnection detection assist function,
Clock frequency accuracy measurement circuit, Independent Watchdog Timer etc.
Power Supply Voltage AVCC0 : 2.7 to 5.5 V (In the case of 12-bit A/D Converter, 1.8 to 5.5 V)
VCC:1.8 to 5.5 V
Operating Ambient Temperature –40 to +85°C (y=D), –40 to +105°C (y=G)
Package LFQFP (7 x 7 mm, 0.5 mm pitch) HWQFN (6 x 6 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)

Pin Count / Memory Size Lineup:

Program Flash

256 KB
32 KB
128 KB
16 KB


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