With building automation, there is a need to use HVAC to maintain a comfortable environment. What is important is the network that transmits the sensor and its information. Renesas has developed a wireless networking solution for HVAC that can collect environmental data (temperature, humidity, and air quality) over the air.

The wireless sensor network solution uses Bluetooth® 5. 0 Low Energy to collect temperature/humidity/IAQ(air quality) data. You can collect information on wireless devices connected to your PC and alert you to the preconfigured air quality. In addition, the GUI allows wireless pairing settings, etc. and easily construct an environment sensing system.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5 0 Networking with High-Power-Efficiency Microcontroller RA4W1
  • Use HS3001, ZMOD4410 to measure Humidity, Temperature, IAQs (TVOC)
  • The sensor processing function is realized by the endpoint.
  • Alert function that is aware of actual operation
  • Network GUI that can be easily constructed with reduced man-hours

Solution Configuration Examples

Wireless Sensor Network Solution Configuration Examples

The solution consists of several assessment boards: EK-RA4W1, a sensor board, and a power board.

  • Software
    • Sample Software / GUI
  • Hardware
    • EK-RA4W1 (Evaluation Board)
    • Sensor Board / Power Board