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Trusted Secure IP Driver

This driver controls AES, AES-GCM, AES-CMAC encryption and decryption and the generation of random numbers through high-speed hardware calculation by the Trusted Secure IP modules of RX231 Group, RX65N, RX651 Group thus equipped.

It also helps in the safe management of user keys by the Trusted Secure IP module.

These functions allow secure updating of flash ROM embedded in MCUs and in preventing illicit firmware being booted up (secure booting).

As a result, this driver can help you to protect “Internet-of-Things” (IoT) embedded devices from viral infections and eavesdropping.



The Trusted Secure IP Driver V.1.04 has been released. The SSL/TLS cooperation function supporting the RX65N is now available.

Release Information

Target Device Product Name Status Version/Release

RX231 Group *1

RX65N, RX651 Group *2

Trusted Secure IP Driver for RX Family

Latest Ver.: V1.04 Release00

Released: Mar 5, 2018

*1 Refer to the RX231 Group User’s Manual: Hardware for the type names of products that include a TSIP module.

*2 Refer to the RX65N, RX651 Group User’s Manual: Hardware for the type names of products that include a TSIP module.



  • Cryptographic functions which provide advanced security can be embedded in mass-produced products at low cost
  • High-speed execution of the AES, a world standard cryptographic algorithm
  • Support for AES-GCM, which is frequently included in the required specifications of smart meters
  • Functions for safely updating firmware
  • Easily combined with other device drivers for RX MCUs


  • Trusted Secure IP Driver main body
  • Trusted Secure IP Driver manual
  • Sample code demonstrating application of the Trusted Secure IP Driver
    (1)Sample code for confirming the way user keys are written
    (2)Sample code for confirming the secure updating of firmware from USB memory.


Target Device Corresponding function
RX231 Group AES (128- or 256-bit keys, ECB or CBC mode), AES-GCM, AES-CMAC, and random number generation, Management of AES keys, secure updating of firmware, secure booting
RX65N, RX651 Group In addition to the above functions supported for products of the RX231 group, this driver handles SHA-1, SHA-256, RSA (with the generation and verification of up to 2048-bit signatures), the management of RSA keys and SSL/TLS cooperation function.


Operating Environment

*3 This board is required to check the operation of sample code for checking the secure updating of firmware via wireless LAN.


  • Cryptographic communications among CPUs in equipment at sites or within equipment
  • Secure updating of firmware for embedded devices in general

Obtaining the product

We will provide the product to customers who will be adopting or plan to adopt a Renesas microcontroller of the RX231 group or RX65N, RX651 Group. Please contact your local Renesas Electronics sales office or distributor.

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