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    Security hardware implementing Root of Trust

In recent years, the creation of new added value for the Internet of Things (IoT) has been gaining attention. On the other hand, since IoT devices connect to the Internet, they are exposed to risks such as eavesdropping, tampering, and viruses, and such harmful incidents are also seeing an increase in number. Consequently, the demand for security features is increasing for devices that previously didn't need them.

RX Security Solutions Counter Threats

RX security solutions implement Root of Trust for IoT devices using encryption by key data that is protected by a strong Trusted Secure IP, and a memory-protected authentication program. By implementing security functions using an RX microcontroller (MCU), you can easily and strongly protect IoT devices against threats.


Secure updating:

Authentication for program updating detects and prevents tampering

Secure boot :

Authentication for program execution detects and prevents tampering

Hardware-Based Security Features of RX



Encryption Memory protection
Trusted Secure IP AES RSA SHA TRNG Code protect Trusted memory Area protection Memory protection unit
RX231 - - -



Code protect:

A function that prohibits connection with a debugger or programmer

Trusted memory:

Afunction that prohibits reading and copying of code that is located in certain areas within a microcontroller

Area protection:

A function that prohibits rewriting of a specified area of the flash memory

Memory protection unit:

A function that monitors whether access to an address that is in violation of the settings is performed


Components of Communication Security Evaluation Kit
Reference solutions for communication and security are available. Start implementing security features in your project immediately using one of these one-stop solutions.

Security Solutions Necessary Components Optional Components (Wireless LAN)
Board/Kit Software Board/Kit Software
Renesas Starter Kits with Built-In Security RX Driver Package Trusted Secure IP Driver Wireless LAN Expansion Board Package for Renesas Starter Kit SDIO Wireless LAN Protocol Stack
RX231 version

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RX65N version

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Renesas standard device drivers for peripheral functions such as USB, Ethernet, LCD, SCI, A/D, timers, IIC, and SPI

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Coding & decoding, secure boot/updating

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d-broad wireless LAN module

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Renesas TCP/IP 
SDIO driver

d-broad wireless LAN driver

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Speed up Time-To-Market
You can greatly speed up the time-to-market of your security and communication project using these ready-to-use security evaluation kits.