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RL78 Family

RL78 is Renesas Electronics' new-generation microcontroller family combining advanced features from both the 78K and R8C Families to deliver low power consumption and high performance.

RL78 is based upon a 16 bit CISC architecture with analogue rich functionality. The platform lineup will include general purpose, LCD and ASSPs including lighting and automotive microcontrollers.


RL78 is designed specifically for ultra low power applications enabling customers to build compact and energy-efficient systems at lower cost.


Family Lineup

RL78 Family


The RL78/G1x (general purpose group) is a true low power MCU series within the RL78 Family.

Main Solutions

Group Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) Features
RL78/G10 1-4 0.125-0.5 10-16 2-5.5 20 10-16 pin
RL78/G11 16 1.5 20-25 1.6-5.5 24 Low Pin, Configurable Analog, Power-Saving
RL78/G12 2-16 0.25-2 20-30 1.8-5.5 24 Standard (Small)
RL78/G13 16-512 2-32 20-128 1.6-5.5 32 Standard
RL78/G14 16-512 2.5-48 30-100 1.6-5.5 32 High Function
RL78/G1A 16-64 2-4 25-64 1.6-3.6 32 Analog
RL78/G1C 32 5.5 32-48 2.4-5.5 24 USB
RL78/G1D 128-256 12-20 48 1.6-3.6 32 BLE(BluetoothLowEnegy)
RL78/G1F 32-64 5.5 24-64 1.6-5.5 32 High Function/Motor
RL78/G1G 8-16 1.5 30-44 2.7-5.5 24 Small Motor
RL78/G1H 256-512 24-48 64 1.8-3.6 32 Sub-GHz


The RL78/L1x microcontroller family is a peripheral rich family of true low power microcontrollers integrating LCD controller/driver, suitable for industrial and consumer LCD display applications. RL78/L1x offer unique display driver functionality to reduce system power consumption.

Main Solutions

Group Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) Features
RL78/L12 8-32 1-1.5 32-64 1.6-5.5 24 LCD (Small)
RL78/L13 16-128 1-8 64-80 1.6-5.5 24 LCD
RL78/L1C 64-256 8-16 80-100 1.6-3.6 24 LCD, USB
RL78/L1A 48-128 5.5 80-100 1.8-3.6 24 LCD


The RL78/I1x microcontrollers are part of the RL78 microcontroller family with rich analog integration and support high temperature operation. RL78/I1x is ideal for application specific solutions but also suitable for many general purpose application In the mass market with tough environment operation.

Main Solutions

Group Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) Features
RL78/I1A 32-64 2-4 20-38 2.7-5.5 32 High Function (High-Resolution PWM, High-Speed Comparator), High Temperature
RL78/I1C 64-256 6-16 64-100 1.7-5.5 32 Metering
RL78/I1D 8-32 0.7-3 20-48 1.6-3.6 24 Ultra Low Power, Analog (12-bit ADC with comparator, Op-amp)
RL78/I1E 32 8 32-36 2.4-5.5 32 Analog Front End + MCU, 24-bit Delta-Sigma


The RL78/F1x microcontrollers are suitable for automotive applications. As the successors of both the 78K0R and R8C, they realize low power consumption and are equipped with built-in functions suitable for automotive applications such as CAN communications, advanced timer, and safety functions.

Main Solutions

Group Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) Features
RL78/F13 16-128 1-8 20-80 2.7-5.5 32 Auto Body
RL78/F14 48-256 4-20 30-100 2.7-5.5 32 Auto Body
RL78/F15 128-512 10-32 48-144 2.7-5.5 32 Auto Body
RL78/F12 8-64 0.5-4 20-64 1.8-5.5 32 Auto Body

RL78/D1x (Automotive Only)

Renesas is introducing the RL78/D1x as an optimized solution for the BRICs and low-end instrument cluster markets. The RL78/D1x is the successor of 78K0/Dx2 or UPD78082x microcontrollers and suited for car instrument cluster, built-in car instrument cluster dedicated features such as Sound Generator, Stepper Motor Controller/Driver and LCD Segment Controller/Driver etc.

Main Solutions

Group Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) Features
RL78/D1A(Automotive Only) 24-512 2-24 48-128 2.7-5.5 32 -

Road Map

RL78/I1C RL78/I1E RL78/F15 RL78/I1D RL78/F14 RL78/F13 RL78/F12 RL78/I1A RL78/L1A RL78/L1C RL78/L12 RL78/L13 RL78/G11 RL78/G1H RL78/G1G RL78/G1F RL78/G1D RL78/G10 RL78/G1C RL78/G1A RL78/G1E RL78/G12 RL78/G13 RL78/G14


RL78 Family Features

Learn more about the features of the RL78 Family that offer true low power & low voltage operation, high quality & safety, and broad scalability.


Development Environment for the Renesas RL78 Family MCUs
Renesas Electronics supports all aspects of application development for the RL78 Family with products such as the integrated development environments e² studio and CS+, real-time OSes, and programming tools.