Renesas is enabling a comprehensive partner ecosystem to deliver an array of software and hardware building blocks that will work out-of-the-box with Renesas RX Family MCUs. The Renesas RX ecosystem will help accelerate the development of IoT applications, including core technologies such as security, safety, connectivity, and HMI among others.

Renesas RX Ready
IAR / Secure Thingz Compliance Suite for Renesas RX
Compliance Suite for Renesas RX includes security development tools and practical guidance to ensure security legislation compliance in IoT applications based on Renesas RX MCUs.
Ubiquitous AI Edge Trust
Edge Trust is a unique solution for enabling secure IoT services thanks to the lifecycle management of IoT devices.
wolfSSL Embedded SSL/TLS Library
The wolfSSL library is lightweight and compact to meet stringent resource requirements, and is integrated to take full advantage of the hardware capabilities of MCUs and MPUs.
wolfSSL wolfBoot Bootloader
wolfBoot will secure your device boot process against malicious attacks that seek to replace your firmware and take control of your device and/or steal its data.
wolfSSH Lightweight SSH Library
The wolfSSH library is a lightweight SSHv2 client and server library written in ANSI C and targeted for embedded, RTOS, and resource-constrained environments.
1NCE SIM Cards
1NCE is the only software and connectivity company delivering lifetime IoT for a global flat subscription.
ABUP ELB Bootloader
External Lite Bootloader (ELB) is a bootloader program from ABUP that generates a lightweight low code.
Ubiquitous AI Edge Trust
Edge Trust is a unique solution for enabling secure IoT services thanks to the lifecycle management of IoT devices.
Cyberon DSpotter
Cyberon DSpotter is a local voice trigger and command recognition solution with robust noise reduction that consumes very low resources.
SEGGER emWin graphics library solution delivers a flexible, professional GUI platform, enabling the creation of highly efficient, high-quality, interactive graphical user interfaces.
Tara Systems Embedded Wizard
Embedded Wizard is a GUI technology that enables the customer to create platform-independent and high-performance graphical user interfaces (GUI), even on resource-constrained microcontrollers.
TOSHIBA RECAIUS Speech Recognition for RX MCUs
RECAIUS, speech recognition middleware voice trigger, detects prespecified words and allows hands-free operation without using a switch to initiate listening.
BFG Motor Control for RX MCUs
The BFG motor control reference design and software solution address a wide range of embedded motor-driven applications.
Commotech CAP TOUCH
Renesas Capacitive Touch Demo Kits from Commotech are developed using three Renesas MCUs RL78/G23, RX140, RA2E1 integrating on-chip cap-touch controller.
CT Green Tech 3kW Power Stage
The 3kW Power Stage provides users easy-to-set-up motor control firmware development environment to increase time-to-market design based on the RX66T device from the powerful 32-bit RX microcontrollers family running at 160MHz and delivering 6.0 CoreMark/MHz.
CT Green Tech Flying Start Control
The FLYING START CONTROL provides users motor evaluation and development environment to start Motors adding Moment of Inertia to design with reduction of the maximum stress on mechanical components.
DTDS HV BLDC Fan Solution
DTDS' low-cost, high-voltage (HV) fan board supports BLDC fan applications for outdoor air conditioning units and industrial fans with the RX13T MCU.
DTDS Inverter Aircon Solution
DTDS Inverter Aircon Solution adopted the RX24T to control a single rotary compressor with integrated IPM and software PFC.
DTDS Inverter Fridge Solution
The DTDS cost-effective, high-voltage (HV) inverter fridge board is a production-ready solution supporting compressor control for home appliance and industrial refrigeration applications with the RX13T MCU.
Etouch RX24T + Resolver Solution
Etouch high resolution position motor control solution is based on Renesas RX24T and RDC IC.
TMGTE IO-Link Device Software​
Simple to complex IO-Link projects can be realized with the comprehensive TMGTE IO-Link Device Software.
Algocraft WriteNow! Programmers
The WriteNow! parallel in-system programmers support popular Renesas MCUs and have a compact size for an easy ATE/fixture integration.
GaleComm Flash MCU Programmer
FT200 series programmer is a single-channel programmer, with good compatibility, and powerful features.
IAR Embedded Workbench
IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete development toolchain that provides powerful code optimizations and comprehensive debugging features in an easy-to-use IDE.
TRACE32® Debug- Tools for RX
Lauterbach TRACE32® tools are a suite of leading-edge hardware and software components that enables you to analyze, optimize and certify all kinds of embedded systems.
SMH Technologies Bsmart
Bsmart is a single-site in-system programmer that can work with a USB, LAN, or Bluetooth connection.
SMH Technologies FlashRunner 2.0
FlashRunner 2.0 is a universal parallel in-system programmer with easy fixture integration thanks to its compact size.
SMH Technologies FlashRunner HS
FlashRunner High-Speed is a universal parallel in-system programmer supporting up to 32 targets in parallel.