The ISL28134 is a single, chopper-stabilized zero drift operational amplifier optimized for single and dual supply operation from 2. 25V to 6. 0V and ±1. 125V and ±3. 0V. The ISL28134 uses auto-correction circuitry to provide very low input offset voltage, drift and a reduction of the 1/f noise corner below 0. 1Hz. The ISL28134 achieves ultra low offset voltage, offset temperature drift, wide gain bandwidth and rail-to-rail input/output swing while minimizing power consumption. The ISL28134 is ideal for amplifying the sensor signals of analog front-ends that include pressure, temperature, medical, strain gauge and inertial sensors down to the µV levels. The ISL28134 can be used over standard amplifiers with high stability over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and the full industrial temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. The ISL28134 is available in an industry standard pinout SOIC and SOT-23 packages.


  • Rail-to-rail inputs and outputs
  • CMRR at VCM = 0.1V beyond VS: 135dB, typ
  • VOH and VOL: 10mV from VS, typ
  • No 1/f noise corner down to 0.1Hz
  • Input noise voltage: 10 nV/√Hz at 1kHz
  • 0.1Hz to 10Hz noise voltage: 250nVP-P
  • Low offset voltage: 2.5µV, Max
  • Superb offset drift: 15nV/°C, Max
  • Single supply: 2.25V to 6.0V
  • Dual supply: ±1.125V to ±3.0V
  • Low ICC: 675µA, typ
  • Wide bandwidth: 3.5MHz
  • Operating temperature range
  • Industrial: -40°C to +85°C
  • Full industrial: -40°C to +125°C
  • Packaging
  • Single: SOIC, SOT-23




  • Medical instrumentation
  • Sensor gain amps
  • Precision low drift, low frequency ADC drivers
  • Precision voltage reference buffers
  • Thermopile, thermocouple, and other temperature sensors
  • front-end amplifiers
  • Inertial sensors
  • Process control systems
  • Weight scales and strain gauge sensors


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