The RZ/V series is a microprocessor (MPU) that incorporates Renesas' proprietary AI accelerator, Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor (DRP)-AI, which combines high AI inference performance and low power consumption. The RZ/V2M is equipped with a high-performance image signal processor (ISP) that supports 4K/30fps; the RZ/V2L has a 3D graphics engine and highly versatile peripheral functions for a wide range of applications, The RZ/V2MA add an OpenCV accelerator to the DRP-AI to add value to a variety of image processing equipment.

AI Accelerator: DRP-AI

DRP-AI is Renesas' dedicated hardware that provides high performance and low power consumption, and the ability to respond to evolution.

OpenCV Accelerator

OpenCV Accelerator leverages Renesas' unique, highly flexible DRP technology.

Partner Solutions

Partner products and services that support the RZ/V series can speed up your design and get to market faster.

Getting Started

AI SDK is a solution that allows you to develop AI applications easily and quickly using Renesas' RZ/V2L-EVK. It also provides a variety of AI applications free of charge.

If you need to build an OS image to customize Linux, please refer to the following guides:
RZ/V2L Getting Started
RZ/V2MA Getting Started

Target Applications

  • IP camera
  • Surveillance camera
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Image inspection
  • Vision AI Gateway

Featured Products

ProductDescriptionFeatured Document
RZ/V2HQuad-core Vision AI MPU with DRP-AI3 Accelerator and High-Performance Real-time Processorpdf_icon_for_table.png
RZ/V2LGeneral-purpose microprocessor with Renesas' proprietary DRP-AI AI accelerator, a 1.2GHz dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A55 CPU, and a 3D graphics and video codec enginepdf_icon_for_table.png
RZ/V2MAThis general-purpose microprocessor targeting Vision AI is equipped with an OpenCV accelerator that accelerates image processing required for AI, in addition to the DRP-AI AI accelerator, enabling real-time object recognition in embedded devices.pdf_icon_for_table.png

Specification Summary

Main CPUArm® Cortex®-A55 (1.2GHz) Dual/SingleArm Cortex-A53 (1.0GHz) DualArm Cortex-A53 (1.0GHz) DualArm Cortex-A55 (1.8GHz) Quad
Sub CPUArm Cortex-M33 (200MHz) Single------Arm Cortex-R8 (800MHz) Dual
Arm Cortex-M33 (200MHz) Single
Image Processing Accelerator--- (*1)DRP---DRP
DRAM-I/FDDR3L-1333/DDR4-1600 16-bit (In-line ECC)LPDDR4-3200 32-bitLPDDR4-3200 32-bit2 x LPDDR4/4X-3200 32-bit
ISP--- (*2)---4K/30fps, HDR/3DNR, etc.Arm Mali™-C55 ISP
Video CODECH.264 Enc/Dec (2K/30fps)H.264/265 Enc/Dec (4K)H.264/265 Enc/Dec (4K/30fps)H.264/265 Enc/Dec (4K/30fps)
Graphics EngineArm Mali-G31 3D GPU---2D GPUArm Mali-G31 3D GPU
Camera-I/F1x MIPI® CSI-2® (4-lane), 1x Parallel---2x MIPI CSI-2 (4-lane)4x MIPI CSI-2 (4-lane)
Display-I/F1x MIPI DSI-2® (4-lane), 1x Parallel---1x MIPI DSI-2 (4-lane), 1x HDMI1x MIPI DSI® (4-lane)
Peripherals2x USB2.0, 2x GbEther, 2x CAN-FD1x USB3.1, 1x GbEther, 1x PCIe® Gen21x USB3.1, 1x GbEther, 1x PCIe Gen22x USB 3.2 (Gen2), 2x USB2.0, 2x GbEther, 6x CAN-FD, 1x PCIe (Gen3)
Package456-pin LFBGA (15x15mm, 0.5mm pitch)
551-pin LFBGA (21x21mm, 0.8mm pitch)
841-pin FCBGA (15x15mm, 0.5mm pitch)841-pin FCBGA (15x15mm, 0.5mm pitch)1368-pin FCBGA (19mm x 19mm, 0.5mm pitch)

(*1) OpenCV Accelerator function provided as DRP library; Exclusive use with DRP-AI
(*2) Simple ISP function provided as DRP library; Exclusive use with DRP-AI

Use Case

RZ/V Series Use Case

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
DRP-AI Translator [V1.84]
This is an AI model conversion tool (DRP-AI Translator) for DRP-AI equipped products. Please check the Release Notes and User's Manual first before using this product.
Software Package Renesas
We provide an AI model conversion tool (DRP-AI TVM) for DRP-AI-equipped products. When using this product, please check the contents of the linked first.
Software Package Renesas
RZ/V series AI Apps & AI SDK (GitHub)
The AI SDK enables easy and rapid development of AI applications using Renesas' RZ/V series evaluation kits. Additionally, it offers a range of AI applications free of charge.
Solution Toolkit Renesas
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