This device driver controls SD cards with the use of the on-chip SD host interface (SDHI) of an MCU. Using this driver along with a lower-layer SDHI FIT module allows you to control SD memory and SDIO (Secure Digital Input/Output).

You can update or read data by simply calling user API functions. This device driver is a Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) module which supports FIT. In combination with other FIT modules, you can easily include various sample code in user applications. DMAC or DTC transfer can be included by combining the SD card driver with the DMAC FIT module or DTC FIT module.


  • Bus Interface
    Support is only for 4-bit SD mode.
  • Numbers controllable
    1 card/channel
  • Speed mode
    Supports default speed mode.
  • Transfer of data in the MCU
    You can choose transfer by software, DMA, or the DTC.
  • MCU-dependent part
    Divided out in the SDHI FIT module.
  • Memory Capacity
    Supports standard-capacity SD memory cards (SDSC) and high-capacity and extended-capacity SD memory cards (SDHC and SDXC).
  • Target for memory control
    Support is only for user areas.
    We do not support the control of protected areas.
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Release Information

Latest Ver.: V2.03
Released: Jan. 21, 2019

Target Devices


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Design & Development

Sample Code

Additional Details

The SD memory card driver complies with the SD Simplified Specification. A company planning to manufacture its own memory cards or host products, or to use the official SD standards in the R&D phase, is required to have a license for this from the SD Association.

Application Configuration
Application Configuration

Target Device & Product Lineup

SD Memory Card Driver

Product Name SD Memory Card Driver
Target Device SD Memory Card
Target MCUs RX231, RX64M, RX65N/RX651, RX71M
Evaluation Board An SD card slot is required. You can evaluate the driver on any of the following kits.

*1 Obtain a commercial Pmod SD card conversion board.

SDIO Driver

Product Name SDIO Driver *2
Target Device SDIO Interface Wireless LAN
(eWBC from d-broad, Inc.) *3
SDIO Interface Wireless LAN
(TypeZX from Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) *3
Target MCUs RX231, RX64M, RX65N/RX651, RX71M
Status Available Available
Evaluation Board

*2 To place an order for the SDIO Driver, contact your local Renesas Electronics marketing office or distributor and let them know the above orderable part number.

*3 For an environment where wireless LAN operation can be verified in combination with the valuation board, contact your local Renesas Electronics marketing office or distributor.

Related Software

The SD card driver can be used with any of the following FAT file system software libraries.

M3S-TFAT-Tiny for the RX Family
Support is only for FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32.