Renesas Flash Programmer V3

The Renesas Flash Programmer provides usable and functional support for programming the on-chip flash memory of Renesas microcontrollers in each phase of development and mass production.



We have released V3.05.01. The RX66T featuring new RXv3 CPU core for the RX family has been added as a support MCU. Learn More (Tool News) >>


Release Information


Commercial Edition and Free-of-charge Edition

We have two editions of this product. The commercial edition includes technical support and the free-of-charge edition does not. There is no difference in the functionality between those editions, however, if you are going to be using the programmer for writing to the flash memory of a finished product, we recommend that you purchase the commercial edition.



・A simple GUI makes operations easy, even for first-time developers
・PC-controlled programming via the E1 emulator, E20 emulator, E2 emulator, E2 emulator Lite, a serial or USB connection
Interoperation with other software
  • The efficiency of work can be improved by, for example, writing data to many boards consecutively and retaining logs of the written data in files.
・Batch processing
  • The sequence of operations equivalent to those from starting the GUI to specifying a project and pressing the start button can be repeated easily from the Windows command line without actually starting the GUI (Command-line options). This is very useful for programming large quantities in mass production.
・Programming a unique code to a designated area of flash memory
・Easier creation of projects (compared with V2) *See below.
  • ・Easy selection of type names. No need to select detailed type names for products of the RL78 family.
  • ・Easy setting of mode pins for RX family products.
・Improvements in processing speed (compared with V2)
  • ・The programming time has been shortened by approximately 10 percent.
  • ・In the case of the RL78 family, programming times have been shortened by up to 50 percent. Note: These data were gathered under specific conditions, and we do not guarantee a specific increase in speed.



  • ・Supported file formats for programming: Intel HEX for HEX and HCUHEX files, Motorola S for HEX and HCUHEX files, and RPI for RPI file
  • ・Check sum of program files
  • ・Blank check, erase, writing, verification, read-out, security setting, checksum, autoprocedure, setup and acquisition of flash options
  • ・Sequential execution of multiple commands (for erasure, programming, verification, etc.)
  • Multiple files for programming selectable simultaneously


Easier Creation of Projects

Easy selection of type names
No need to select detailed type names for products of the RL78 family.

Easy setting of mode pins for RX family products
No need for mode pin setting, when the recommended connection examples are used.

System Configuration

The system configuration in programming with Renesas Flash Programmer V3 is as follows.

Samples of Programming Circuits

File Updated
 Sample Circuit for Programming by Using a PC's Serial Port Oct 29, 2012

As for those samples when using with the E1, E20, E2, or E2 emulator Lite, see user's manuals for the individual products. For examples of circuits for programming with use of the USB, refer to the hardware manual for the MCU you are using.


Target Devices

Note that the V3 does not support the V850 family, 78K0, and 78K0R. Use Renesas Flash Programmer V2 if you are using products of these families.

Target Devices by Connection Methods

For the details, refer to  List of MCUs supported by Renesas Flash Programmer V3.

Supported devices Through on-chip debugging emulators Note1  Serial
E1 emulator
E20 emulator
E2 emulator E2 emulator Lite

RX with USB boot

Renesas Synergy

Renesas Synergy with USB boot
Power Management

Renesas USB Power Delivery

ICs for Motor Driver/Actuator Driver

 Available | — Not Available

When using with the on-chip debugging emulators, conversion adapter is required depending on the number of pins on the target board.

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Renesas Flash Programmer V2
Migration from V2 to V3 of the Renesas Flash Programmer