Renesas collaborates with selected global and regional partners in providing a range of solutions and software using RE MCUs to focus on core technologies such as energy harvest, power management, HMI, security, etc., to accelerate customers’ development in battery maintenance-free IoT applications.

Renesas RE Family

Renesas RE Family Partner Solutions Infographic
Dracula Technologies LAYER®
LAYER® uses the organic photovoltaic technology to generate energy for powering up low power consumption devices.
Epishine LEH3 Indoor PV
LEH3 is a unique organic solar cell optimized for harvesting ambient indoor light and that is easily integrated into small low-power electronics.
Lightricity High-Efficiency Energy Harvesting
Lightricity provides sustainable, autonomous power sources for the ever-increasing amount of Internet of Things devices.
Component Solar Panels
PowerFilm's thin-film PV solutions are an ideal power source for the RE MCU Family, targeting at low power indoor/outdoor IoT and energy harvesting applications.
SHARP Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell
The dye-sensitized solar cell developed by Sharp has achieved the world's highest level of power generation indoors, contributing to IoT power supply solutions.
TDK Film Solar Cell
TDK provides flexible amorphous silicon solar cells on film substrates.
TOYONICS Vibration Harvester Unit
Vibration Harvester Unit (EH12) that can generate power from slight vibration like walking motion.
Vibration Energy Harvesting Generator (VEG)
The VEG is an energy harvesting generator that captures the energy from vibrating surfaces to perpetually generate power for wireless sensors monitoring asset health.
KELK Micro TEG Module
Micro TEG Modules are high performance and high reliability modules made with high density element mount technology for KELK optical communication.
Prometheus Energy Harvesting Module
MATRIX Prometheus is a family of energy harvesting modules designed for converting thermal energy between small temperature gradients into useful electrical output.
AVX Super Capacitor
AVX SCM series of cylindrical electrochemical double-layer capacitors offer excellent pulse power handling characteristics based on the combination of high capacitance and low ESR.
ITEN Rechargeable SMD Micro-Battery
ITEN provides safe and fast rechargeable SMD micro-batteries, delivering high peak currents required by sensors, actuators and various short and medium range RF.
NGK EnerCera® Battery Series
EnerCera battery series features ultra-thin, high-heat-resistance, and high-power Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries best suited for IoT devices.
NICHICON Small Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
It is now possible to realize energy harvesting IoT equipment utilizing a minuscule amount of environmental power generation.
Helio Server
ONE Tech's Helio Server applies next generation, AI and ML predictive analytics to any number of devices.
SEMTECH Zero Carbon Solution
This solution allows geolocation capabilities driven by the world class battery-free green energy solution and is best applied for tracking of personal valuables, transportation and logistics, animals, and health care.
Kyocera MIP (Memory In Pixel) Display
MIP LCD uses LTPS technology to form memory circuits in each pixel to achieve low power consumption.
Memory LCD is the perfect solution for compact handheld, wearable, and other small-screen applications.
AMI Voice Recognition Solution for RE MCUs
The AMI Voice Recognition Solution is a speech recognition software that can be implemented offline.
ASIOT OCR Middleware
Leveraging Edge AI technologies, OCR middleware can recognize numbers from images in an embedded system without sending images to a server.
LINGUWERK alphaspeech µ
alphaspeech µ is the world's smallest speech recognition system, and includes state of the art speech recognition and AI technologies.
TOSHIBA RECAIUS Speech Recognition for RE MCUs
RECAIUS is a software component which detects prespecified words and allows hands-free operation without using a switch to initiate listening.
Veridify Future-Proof Security for RE01 IoT Edge Devices
Veridify Security's fast, energy-efficient security methods are ideal for protecting RE01 devices and the low resource IoT points they connect to.
Sony's GPS/GNSS Receiver and Positioning Engine Solution
Sony Semiconductor Solutions' GPS/GNSS receiver/processor chips use high-frequency analog circuits and digital signal processing circuits with proprietary designs.
TDK MEMS Microphone
TDK provides various ultra-compact MEMS microphones using advanced MEMS techniques, supporting advancement of voice interface technology.
TOHO Vital Sensing Kit
The vital sensing evaluation kit with PICLIA piezoelectric cable sensor can acquire and evaluate vital data.
IAR Embedded Workbench for RE MCUs
IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete development toolchain providing powerful code optimizations and comprehensive debugging features in an easy-to-use IDE.
SEGGER Embedded Studio
The Embedded Studio IDE and the Renesas RE Family work perfectly together to minimize power consumption in keeping with the resource constraints of a low power design.
emWin supports the low power and resources constraints given by a low power design. embOS RTOS is the ideal partner for RE01 systems to manage all tasks in an efficient way.
SEGGER J-Link / J-Trace / Flasher
Unparalleled performance, an extensive feature set, many supported CPUs and compatibility with popular environments all make J-Link an unbeatable choice.
Battery-less Product Development with Renesas RE01 MCU
The Battery-less SOTB demonstrator uses the Renesas RE Family's MCU powered from a Supercap that is charged using a PV panel, negating the need for a battery.
End-to-end Technology Product Development and Testing Solutions
AND Technology Research is a purpose-led technology and product development consultancy who have been turning pioneering ideas into reality since 1980.
HST System Development Support for RE Family
A wide range of services, from proposing a system that combines RE Family and various sensors, to H/W design, prototyping, performance evaluation, S/W development, and mass production preparation.
HOKUTO RE Evaluation Board
Four evaluation boards available to easily evaluate RE01-1500KB and RE01-256KB devices.
RE01 Sensor Board PoC
The RE01 Sensor Board Proof of Concept demonstrates the capabilities of the SOTB MCU with its built-in sensor and interface connector.
SOTB Battery-less Soil Monitor
The SOTB Battery-less Soil Monitor is a solution intended for use in extremely low-power sensing applications.
Battery-less Smart Farming Sensor
The Battery-less Smart Farming Sensor solution uses Renesas RE Family's energy harvesting functionality to create an ultra-low power, energy efficient, maintenance-free farming solution.
Fall Detection
The Fall Detection solution identifies fall events from other daily activities such as walking, running, sitting, and climbing stairs.
Motor Health Monitoring
The solution detects the motor health status with Renesas RE Family's ultra-low current consumption, high-performance MCU and motor vibrations using a 3-axis accelerometer sensor.
Ultra-Low Power LoRaWAN Sensor
The Ultra-Low Power LoRaWAN® Sensor uses Renesas' RE Family's energy harvesting functionality to create an ultra-low power, highly efficient, maintenance-free solution.
NaitoDensei GNSS Option Board for EK-RE01
This is an evaluation option board for acquiring GNSS information while performing power management with the Renesas RE01 evaluation kit and GNSS option board.
TESSERA Energy Harvest, BLE5.0 Evaluation Board
The TESSERA Energy Harvest, BLE 5.0 evaluation board can evaluate the 32-bit MCU "RE01B" equipped with Bluetooth 5.0.
UTT Health Monitoring Systems
Track the industrial workers who are working in hazardous area by locating their position and health information.
UTT Vibration Energy Sensing Systems
Read the liquid level of a storage tank and send the data wirelessly to gateway with extreme low power sensor device.