Renesas offers technologies to help you accelerate your product development such as motor control, HMI, and functional safety for applications like white goods, cooking appliances and small home appliances. In addition, we support the realization of smarter products by offering sensing, network security, recognition, and advanced e-AI technologies.


20V Cordless Leaf Blower
24V Cordless Blender
Air Cleaner with Humidifying Functions
Air Conditioner (High-End)
Air Conditioner (Low-End)
Alexa Controlled Soundbar
All-in-One Smart Pressure Cooking Pot
Bathroom Odor Detector
Bathroom Odor Detector with Bluetooth Low Energy
Central Vacuum Cleaner
Cordless Single-Phase BLDC Hand Blender
Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Digital IC Burn-in System
Drink Machine with Water Level Detection
Electric Fan
Electric Screwdriver
Electronic Lock with Fingerprint Identification
Emergency Broadcast System (Watercraft)
Facial Steamer
Functional Safety Solutions for Home Appliances (IEC/UL 60730)
Functional Safety Solutions for Home Appliances Class-B
Household Water Pump
Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions for Appliances
IH Cooking Heater (High-End)
IH Cooking Heater (Mid-Range)
IH Rice Cooker (High-End)
Induction Heating Cooker
Induction Heating Rice Cooker
Kitchen Range Hood with 2D Touch Sensor
Microwave Oven (High-End)
Microwave Oven (Low-End)
Personal Safety Tracker
Portable Power Tools Solution
Refrigerator (High-End)
Refrigerator (Low-End)
Refrigerator Compressor Digital Inverter
Refrigerator Odor Detector
Remote Controlled PC Water Cooler
Robotic Vacuum
Smart BLDC Ceiling Fan
Smart Coffee Machine
Smart IoT Air Purifier
Smart Pen
Smart Range Hood
System on Module (SoM) Solution with RZ/G2E
Tankless Gas Water Heater with Remote Control
Thermostat with Color Touchscreen and Cloud Connection
Timing in Digital Oscilloscopes
Touchless Toilet with Biosensor
USB-PD with Turbo Boost
Vacuum Cleaner
Video IP Phone
Voice Controlled Clotheshorse with Connectivity
Washing Machine (High-End)
Washing Machine (Low-End)