Personal Medical Devices bank on high performance at a reasonable value. Renesas’ broad portfolio enables a wide variety of applications in this category. Key applications where our products find a home are listed below:

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Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood glucose monitors are a device that measures the amount of glucose in blood. Due to the increase of the number of adult diabetes patients worldwide, there is a growing need for Blood glucose monitors.

Blood Pressure Monitor

A health boom has seen a rapid increase in household healthcare equipment, typified by blood pressure monitors or sphygmomanometers. In addition to the widely-seen upper arm blood pressure monitor, demand for the easy-to-use wrist blood pressure monitor is also increasing, so smaller set size and longer battery life has become essential.

Electronic Thermometer

Electronic thermometers are now used in more and more households. They must be compact, lightweight, consume little power and provide extended battery life. Consumers also require a quick response time for reading and accurate measurement.

Facial Steamer

A pulse oximeter is a healthcare product that quickly measures the oxygenation of the blood by using light to monitor the state of the hemoglobin. Recently, such products have become smaller and lightweight. As a result, besides being used in hospitals, they have become popular for home healthcare and everyday health monitoring, including monitoring during strenuous activities such as mountain climbing or physical exercise.

Pulse Oximeter

Facial steamers are a type of beauty device that generate negatives ions and water vapor to apply moisture to dry skin and hair. Since they can be easily used home, their popularity is increasing in recent years.

Scales & Body Composition Analyzer

Scales and body composition analyzers have recently become more prevalent due to an increased awareness of health management. They are now becoming more popular not only in healthcare facilities and in exercise equipment, but also in ordinary households.

Smart Watch (Healthcare)

Smart watches (a health management device) have been attracting attention as a wearable device in recent years. A smart watch can detect a user's pulse rate simply by being worn on an arm, making it easy to measure pulse rate while running or training.

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Renesas Electronics continues to play a key role in designing the specifications, developing the technologies, and cultivating the market for USB.

 Bluetooth® Low Energy

Growth in IoT market has tremendously increased the installed base for BLE, and Renesas offers industry-leading solutions for this technology.

 Motor Control

Renesas offers a broad range of devices, software, and tools, including a kit that can be used as a reference design — all specifically designed for motor control applications.

 Smart Analog

This flexible platform allows designers to adapt to varied sensor interface requirements, simplify the tuning process, and intelligently use sensor data.

 Power Management

Complete portfolio of power management technology to intelligently manage power in any system, from battery-powered to high voltage systems.