The recent advances and developments in the home appliances industry are driving considerable growth and technology innovation provided by leadership companies in the semiconductor market. Consumers now have high expectations and are investing in value-added features that this technology can bring to their home appliances. 

Renesas has developed a whole family of products to serve this fast-growing market. Renesas' AC/DC Power Conversion products for this sector features the company’s PrimAccurate™ Technology which ensures accurate control of voltage and current in these appliances supplying an accuracy of ±3% voltage and ±5% constant-current accuracy. We offer technologies such as motor control, HMI, and functional safety for applications for white goods, cooking appliances, and small home appliances, to help you accelerate your product development. In addition, we support the realization of smarter products by offering sensing, network security, recognition, and advanced e-AI technologies.


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