Human Machine Interface

Renesas offers solutions for next-generation intefaces such as touch solutions that can be used almost anywhere, and environments for evaluating these solutions.

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Learn Renesas's approach to today's human machine interface applications and browse block diagrams to see how our devices could be used in your next project.

Capacitive Touch Sensor System

Capacitive touch sensor systems are typical human machine interfaces (HMI) which operate by detecting changes in electrostatic capacitance produced by the touch of a finger or other conductor.

LCD Display

Interactive device interfaces between human and machine.
Simple development environment enabling creativity

Material Detection

Renesas' Material Detection Solution can detect materials or liquids without sensors by using microcontrollers (MCUs) with a built-in capacitive touch sensor unit (CTSU). This solution has application examples in a wide variety of fields.

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 Capacitive Touch

Renesas advanced capacitive touch solutions offer sophisticated operational performance with tolerance to water, dirt and temperature variations.