RE Family, The World’s Most Energy Efficient MCUs with Arm® Cortex® M Core Implemented on Silicon on Thin Buried Oxide (SOTB)

705 ULPMark-CP score certified by EEMBC ULPMark™ benchmark


The RE Family based on the Silicon on Thin Buried Oxide (SOTB™ ) process technology realizes both ultra-low current consumption in both active and standby mode and high speed CPU operation (64MHz) at low voltage (1.62V) , which is impossible to achieve with conventional bulk silicon processes. The RE01 has been certified by EEMBC to have the highest score of 705 for the ULPMark-CP by the EEMBC ULPMark™ benchmark, which has been developed to provide a standard method to compare the energy efficiency of ultra-low power MCUs. In addition, the built-in energy harvesting control circuit enables the equipment to operate from energy harvesting power sources with only weak ambient energy.

The RE Family can significantly extend battery life and deliver high performance even for small batteries and energy harvesting power supplies that can supply only a small amount of current. The RE Family is suitable for many IoT applications such as hybrid watch, smart home/building, healthcare, smart agriculture, structure monitoring, and trackers

Family Lineup



RE0シリーズは、Arm®Cortex®-M0+コア内蔵のグローバルトップクラスの超低消費電力MCU。低消費電力を必要とするIoTデバイスに最適。25〜35 uA/MHzの動作電流 (スタンバイで400〜500 nA) と低電圧高速動作 (1.62V、64 MHz) を実現。エナジーハーベスト制御回路、超低電力14ビットADC内蔵 (4uA)、フラッシュ(約0.6 mAで書き換え)、セキュリティ機能(Trusted Secure IP)、MIP-LCDパラレルインタフェース、2Dグラフィックエンジン内蔵。

グループ Flash (KB) RAM (KB) ピン数 動作電圧 (V) 周波数 (MHz) 特長
RE01 1500KB 1536 256 100-156 1.62-3.6 64 エナジーハーベスト制御回路、 超低消費電力14bit ADC(約4uA)、フラッシュ(約0.6mAでの書換)、Trusted Secure IP、MIP-LCDパラレルIF、2D グラフィックエンジン、時計運針モータドライバ
RE01 256KB 256 128 56-100 1.62-3.6 64 エナジーハーベスト制御回路、超低消費電力14bit ADC(約4uA)、フラッシュ(約0.6mAでの書換)、Trusted Secure IP、RTC、32bit Wakeup Timer