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Instrument Cluster

Renesas offers graphic display system solutions at more reasonable cost for popular vehicles and richer displays for luxury vehicles.

R-Car D1 automotive SoC specialized for 3D graphics cluster has been released

With the proliferation of colored liquid crystal display panels in instrument cluster systems in recent years, combined gauge control and graphics displays have come to be used in even compact and mid-range cars. Gaugeless controls that have high visibility and ease-of-use are already advanced in high-end cars. A beautiful and clear display on large, high-resolution display panels that use 3D graphics has become one of the differentiating features of a high-end car. It is anticipated that graphics displays in standard models will also increase in size and resolution from now on, and that there will be more cluster systems like those of high-end cars that support 3D graphics.
Renesas released R-Car D1 as the first R-Car SoC for cluster as a new solution that targets 3D graphics instrument cluster systems. The R-Car D1 realizes 3D display functionality, fast startup, support for functional safety and security, and various the communications and network capabilities that are required by a 3D cluster system. 2D graphics design resources from the RH850/D1M can be also be leveraged.

Coverage for Entire Instrument Cluster Field, from Entry-level and Mid-range to High-end Fully Compatible with Gfx API (RGL)