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e² studio is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) for Renesas MCUs.
The platform installer provided for users of RA Family products will include the Flexible Software Package (FSP) with e² studio.
Download the installer from [Latest Version] above.
* The installer for Linux is available at [See All Versions].

e² studio supports FSP5.4.0.

Release Information

64-bit versionV2024-04Apr 22, 2024
32-bit version (Note1)V7.8.0Apr 20, 2020


  1. We recommend to install e² studio by platform installer included FSP(Flexible Software Package).
  2. Henceforth, only the 64-bit version of the e² studio is to have regular updates. Updates to the 32-bit version of the e² studio, on the other hand, will be limited to essential modifications.

Information on Usage

InstallationBuilding and DebuggingGenerating Code
See the Web page on the FSP(Flexible Software Package) for the RA Family.



e² studio FAQs
Where can I find e² studio tutorial?
Project Migration from CS+ to e² studio

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Target Devices


Design & Development

e² studio Tips - Useful Shortcut Keys for Debug Operations

This video introduces useful shortcut keys for debug operations in e² studio.

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Additional Details

e² studio

See the table below for features of the software and tools available for use with the e² studio on RA-family products.
For an overview of the functions and features of the e² studio, refer to e² studio (the general page).

Support for code generation and other useful functions for the RA family

Tool nameDescription
Smart ConfiguratorA GUI-based tool that provides support for downloading and importing middleware for code generation and configuring various settings
Smart BrowserA function that allows you to easily search and show the latest version of the hardware manual, technical updates, application notes, and tool news for the Renesas microcontroller you are using


Compilers for the RA Family

Supported CompilerInformation on Usage
Open Source
GNU Arm Embedded
IAR C/C++ Compiler for ARM
  • Debugging with the e² studio requires the building of load modules in the ELF/DWARF format.
  • IAR Systems provides plug-ins to handle projects for IAR compilers with Eclipse.
  • Contact IAR Systems K.K. for details:https://www.iar.com 
ARM Compiler
  • The ARM compiler must be manually added to the toolchain of the e² studio.


Debugging tools for the RA Family


  1. Compatible with tools from IAR
  2. Product from a Renesas partner


QE: Tools for Particular Applications for the RA Family

Details: QE(Quick and Effective tool solution)


Simpler Development of IoT Devices Connectable with Cloud Service

The e² studio supports the development of software for IoT devices to be connectable with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Service. The e² studio offers the following powerful functions for FreeRTOS or Azure RTOS.

  • Quick building after downloading the latest version of FreeRTOS or Azure RTOS project directly from GitHub®
  • Assisting in configuring RTOS, all required drivers, network stacks (TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and MQTT), and component libraries (Device Shadow, Azure RTOS NetX duo so on)(Note1)
  • Embedding additional middleware and drivers (such as for USB and file-system support) in IoT devices


  1. The settable components of RTOS are as follows: MQTT, Greengrass Discovery, Device Shadow, Azure RTOS NetX duo , Secure Sockets, and TCP/IP