In response to growing threats to IoT devices, RX 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) provide security solutions that will protect against threats throughout the lifecycle of IoT devices, from autonomous security and the design phase to end-of-life.

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Autonomous security for IoT endpoint devices is provided by Renesas' proprietary hardware secure IP (Trusted Secure IP)

IoT devices that are located in a network environment are constantly exposed to a variety of threats. However, if the IoT endpoint device itself is secure, it can protect itself from threats and prevent malicious and unauthorized behavior, even in an unsafe network environment. RX has strong security technology using Trusted Secure IP, Renesas' proprietary hardware for secure IP, and provides autonomous security for IoT endpoint devices.

RX Feature Protection

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RX Security Solutions

Hardware: RX Microcontroller with Security Hardware IP to Protect Against Threats

RX is equipped with Trusted Secure IP, which cannot be accessed externally. Key data and the cryptographic engine in Trusted Secure IP are strongly protected. Also, it combines area protection features and RX-specific features to protect authentication programs from tampering threats. With this, you can build a system with Root of Trust that provides self-sustaining security and provides easy and robust protection from a variety of threats.

Merits of Embedded Trusted Secure IP

Microcontrollers with Trusted Secure IP

On-board IP Function ComparisonTrusted Secure IP-LiteTrusted Secure IP
Supported RX MCURX200RX231
Basic FunctionsCommon Key EncryptionAES (128/256): ECB/CBC/GCM/CCMAES (128/256): ECB/CBC/GCM/CCM
TDES (56/56x2/56x3): ECB/CBC
Public Key EncryptionRSA (1024/2048):
Signature generation/Signature verification
Key generation (1024/2048)
ECC (p-192/224/256):
Signature generation/Signature verification
Key generation (192/224/256)
HashSHA-1, SHA-256, MD5
Message AuthenticationCMAC (AES), GMACCMAC (AES), GMAC, HMAC
Random Number GeneratorRandom number generator (SP800-90 compliant)Random number generator (SP800-90 compliant)
Key Update FunctionAES key updateKey update for AES, TDES, RSA, ECC key update
SSL/TLS Integration FunctionSSL/TLS support function (TLS1.2 compliant)


We provide you with the drivers that make Trusted Secure IP work, as well as secure update and secure boot sample programs to use the RX-specific features so you can deploy security quickly and easily.

Software ComponentsDescription
Trusted Secure IP DriverWrite keys and firmware to a dedicated driver that runs Trusted Secure IP for the microcontroller
Secure UpdatingA sample program that provides tamper detection/prevention by authentication when updating a program
(Included in Trusted Secure IP driver package)
Secure BootA sample program that prevents hijacking by detecting tampering during program execution (stops execution)
(Included in Trusted Secure IP driver package)

Securely Encrypt Your Keys with Our "Key Wrap Service"

Securely encrypt keys on the dedicated Renesas webpage

rx key wrap service

  • Keys are delivered using secure Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)*
  • Instantly generate and provide encrypted keys with auto attendants
  • This is immediately available after initial user registration

*Pretty Good Privacy (PGP): Public-key cryptography based cryptographic software used to encrypt files and emails

To request this service, contact your Renesas sales representative or through a technical inquiry.

Evaluation Kits: Trusted Secure IP Ready Evaluation Kits

Renesas offers evaluation kits that allow you to evaluate robust security immediately, contributing to reducing the turn-around time (TAT) for development of security-enabled devices. An NDA is not required for the manual and driver for Trusted Secure IP.

Trusted Secure IP Ready Evaluation Kits

 Renesas Starter KitsGadget Renesas GR-ROSE BoardEnvision KitsRenesas Flexible Motor Control CPU Board
External AppearanceRX Starter KitGR ROSE Gadget Renesas Board
RX72N Envision Kit
MCB-RX26T Type B CPU Board
Supported MCURX231
FeaturesRenesas evaluation kits that enable you to evaluate the full functionality of the MCUSmall evaluation kit for Wi-Fi-equipped IoT devicesIdeal for evaluation of HMI and security functions. Built-in debugger.Ideal for evaluation of motor control and security functions. Built-in debugger. (Separately sold inverter board required for motor control)
How to PurchaseContact Renesas*Akizuki Denshi Tsusho
Chip One Stop, Inc.

*Contact your Renesas sales representative or sales office.

dlm conAchieving DLM with RX Security Solutions

There are various threats during the lifecycle of a user's product. You need not only security features for the device, but also secure operations throughout the lifecycle to respond to these threats. This way of thinking is called Device Lifecycle Management (DLM). RX security solutions support DLM and also make robust and advanced security management from the product lifecycle operation aspect possible.

Device Lifecycle Management

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Provides secure supply chain solution


Integrated management of the entire Device Lifecycle Management

Provides Trusted Secure IP enabled SSL/TLS

Enables differentiated software security features on the RX100 MCU Series

certification iconCertification

General-Purpose MCUs that Comply with International Security Standards

RX microcontrollers with Trusted Secure IP are robust and reliable general purpose microcontrollers with NIST*2 FIPS*3 140-2 Level 3 CMVP certification applicable to HSM*1 and IC cards. Also, each of the cryptographic algorithms in the Trusted Secure IP is CAVP certified, so they can be used with confidence.

*1. HSM: Hardware Security Module
*2. NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology
*3. FIPS: Federal Information Processing Standards

1) CMVP: Cryptographic Module Validation Program

A program that verifies that the FIPS 140-2 requirements are met

CMVP Certification with RX65N (2MB Devices)

Certificate #3849
Module NameRX65N-2MB Security Management Module
StandardFIPS 140-2
Overall Level3
Module TypeHardware
EmbodimentSingle Chip

2) CAVP: Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program

A program that verifies that the algorithms approved for FIPS 140 are implemented correctly

CAVP Certified Cryptographic Functions (Cryptography in Trusted Secure IP)

Cryptographic AlgorithmValidation NumberOperating Environment


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RX Family Secure Firmware Update

Sixth in the RX security video series – Renesas walks through the process of encrypting the application program and performing a Secure Firmware Update using the Renesas Secure Flash Programmer so that the plain text of the application program to be updated is not exposed when updating the application program.

0:00:00 Opening
0:00:23 Recommended Viewing
0:00:53 Secure Factory Programming
0:02:10 Secure Firmware Update
0:06:45 For More Information