With the rapid growth of the air purifier market, Renesas highlights a reference design that features different user interaction experiences via the capability of the RA4 MCU series. This design is based around a main control MCU (RA4M1), which features built-in touch sensor capabilities, high-performance ADCs, displays, USB and security modules. This platform allows easy expansion and support through the Arm® ecosystem, as well as a secure cloud connection. The design also features ambient sensing solutions, which include a temperature and humidity sensor (HS3003), gas sensor (ZMOD4410), and automatic filter replacement through the light sensor (ISL29033) with automatic inspection. The system can be remotely monitored and controlled through the secure cloud connection.

System Benefits:

  • The RA4 MCU supports 16-bit ADC, high-performance CTSU and a full Arm® ecosystem
  • Full analog sensor portfolio and high-performance power system
Smart IoT Air Purifier