Introducing RZ/N2L, a companion chip for industrial Ethernet and TSN with hassle-free, easy connectivity and rich peripheral functions.

By Hiroki Shimizu, Staff Bus Dev Specialist -- 2022-08

Are you facing difficulties meeting functional safety requirements in your automotive system development? If so, I would like to introduce you to our functional safety system solution for xEV inverter applications that simplifies implementation and shortens the development time.

By Masashi Tsubota, Principal Application Engineer -- 2022-08

This blog describes how Renesas' automotive BMS application models & software can reduce development time for our customers.

By Yuji Takehara, Sr Staff Software Engineer -- 2022-08

RX23E-A RSSK has started its support for Lab on the Cloud. You can evaluate the noise performance of a high-precision delta-sigma ADC built in the RX23E-A online.

By Akihiro Ooshima, Engineer -- 2022-08

The endpoint describes any Device that is physically at the end of any point in the network. While applying AI at the endpoint can have many benefits, securing it can be difficult. The fact that endpoints are considered the entrance to IoT systems, makes them very attractive targets for hackers. Thus, security principles have to be incorporated into the architectural design process of IoT systems.

-- 2022-08

Renesas RXv3 Core performance has exceeded 6.0 CoreMarks/MHz of EEMBC’s CoreMark®. I will introduce this wonderful achievement and Renesas CC-RX compiler’s contribution to the higher score.

By Mitsuru Nakagawa, Principal Engineer -- 2022-08

The RZ/A3UL microprocessor (MPU) reduces the number of required components contributing to lower total cost, including PCB development man-hours and software development costs.

By Takeshi Yoshinaga, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2022-08

With flexible development software and scalable options based on Arm Cortex-M33, M23 and M4 cores, the RA MCU family is becoming the top choice on which to base your IoT designs in industrial and building automation, metering, healthcare, and home appliances.

By Carmelo Sansone, Director Strategic Business Development -- 2022-08

The operating voltage of high-end microcontrollers have recently been reduced to a lower voltage.  However, the new RX660 will support 5V power systems, which are increasingly popular in the consumer electronics and industrial fields.

By Masayuki Hanada, Principal Product Marketing Specialist -- 2022-08

Renesas has variety of products that will help in developing an efficient and reliable pure sine wave inverter.

By Nitin Bhambri, Senior Manager, System and Solution Team -- 2022-08