Jonathan Harris introduces the new ISL73141SEH 14-bit radiation hardened precision SAR ADC for space applications.

By Jonathan Harris, Applications Engineer, Space and Hi-Rel Products -- 2021-02

In the final message of RX’s 10th Anniversary campaign, Daryl walks you through the past and present of RX MCU Family, and highlights the direction going forward.

By Daryl Khoo, Vice President -- 2021-02

Gopi explains how the expansion of wireless charging technology beyond smartphones will enhance contactless mobile devices including industrial, medical and retail scanners that have become widely deployed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

By Gopi Akkinepally, Wireless Power Marketing Manger -- 2021-02

Tatsutoshi Shinjo, a marketer in charge of RX MCUs security, explains the threat with IoT devices connecting to the network and the need for security implementations to prevent this, and introducing a robust and easy-to-implement security solution for RX MCUs.

By Tatsutoshi Shinjo, Application Engineer -- 2021-02

Kevin discusses the benefits of an integrated smart lighting and air quality sensor solution.

By Kevin King, Senior Manager, Electrical Design Engineering -- 2021-02

Renesas joined the all-digital CES 2021 to present its future vision and solution offerings in the evolution from CASE+E to “PACE”.

By Beate Ostermann, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-02

Stefan Ingenhaag explains why the Renesas RA Family of microcontrollers is the best choice for your next IoT design.

By Stefan Ingenhaag, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-02

Why does Renesas contribute OSS which is substantially independent from hardware specifications? That is because when customers’ solution with OSS on Renesas SoC, customers get easier to differentiate in performance, power and so on.

By Kazuo Kajimoto, Senior Distinguished Engineer -- 2021-02

Jeff walks us through a medical patch solution based on the Renesas low power 32-bit RX23W microcontroller and a variety of other Renesas products.

By Jeffry Keip, Senior Staff Product Marketing Manager -- 2021-01

Tsuyoshi introduces the major trend changes in the automotive industry and our in-vehicle software platform to meet them.

By Tsuyoshi Tsumuraya, Director -- 2021-01