Heat pumps offer the most energy-efficient and green way to provide heating and cooling in many applications, as they extract heat from a source (air, water, ground) to increase the temperature of water/air for domestic heating or sanitary hot water. Thanks to the energy transfer by the Carnot process (i.e. reversed fridge), heat pumps have an electric energy efficiency of up to 400%.

This solution provides a cost-effective and low-power smart controller for any heat pump, such as Smart Heat Pump. Thanks to our feature-rich MCU and a wide spectrum of wireless communication solutions the user can change the thermostat, set temperature schedules, and review the energy consumption and air quality.

System Benefits:

  • Complete heat pump indoor room control unit
  • Indoor air quality sensor for TVOC, eCO2, temperature, and humidity (e.g. per room/heat zone)
  • Visualization of air quality, temperature, and humidity, indoors & outdoors
  • Modern HMI with graphical touch display
  • Optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® for IoT communication
  • External control unit can exchange parameters with heat pump via digital I/Os, CAN bus I/F, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth​
  • Integrated high-efficiency power supply for low energy consumption



  • Residential Heat Pumps Indoor / Room Unit
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Winning Combinations

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