Bluetooth® Low Energy Data Transfer Without Writing a Single Line of Code

If you need a quick Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) solution and don't want to spend time developing code, then the SmartBond™ CodeLess AT Commands platform is the answer. Any module or any discrete design with the DA14531 or DA14585 can benefit from this quick and easy set-up, enabling a developer to make a fast peripheral or central application (or both), on our incredibly low power platform. All the benefits without having to develop a single line of code.

  • The CodeLess AT commands platform allows control over a local UART connected device as well as a remote device via Bluetooth LE.
  • The comprehensive set of AT commands enables control of the Bluetooth LE connectivity, sensor read-out and battery check of the device.
  • Control over issuing the AT commands can be done on a PC or integrated in a third-party microcontroller.
  • Quick & Simple – Out of the box. Download as binary directly into your module or device.
  • Take source code example and add your own commands. Compile. Download & Go.

Supported Boards

  • DA145xx DEVKT-P PRO-Motherboard or DA14580 Pro motherboard with the following Daughter Boards:
    • DA14585/DA14586
    • DA14531
    • DA14531-01
    • DA14531 Module
  • DA14585 Basic board
  • Any other custom board using DA14531/DA14585 with a 2-wire UART will also work

Supported Modules

  • DA14531: DA14531 SmartBond TINY™ Module, DA14531 Hongjia HJ-531IMF and HJ-131IMH, BDE-BLEM301
  • DA14585: Inventek ISM14585-L35, Panasonic/PAN1740A, AzureWave AW-CU362

Target Devices


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