Renesas USB Power Delivery Family is based on USB Power Delivery (USB PD) Standards. Renesas is developing products for USB PD controllers to help customers easily select USB-related components.

USB Power Delivery

The USB PD is a standard that increases the maximum DC power supply capacity of 7.5W implemented by the earlier USB standards by a factor of 32 times, up to 240W (48V at 5A). With the rapid demand growth for devices using USB charging, the potential for sub-standard and non-compliant USB accessories (e.g., cables) entering the market increases substantially. The need for identifying non-compliant USB products becomes critically important, particularly for the high-power charging designs based on USB PD standards.

Product Selector: USB-C Charging (Type-C, USB Power Delivery, and DC/DC)

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USB Power Delivery (USB PD)


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