The Fast Prototyping Board for the RL78 Family comes equipped with an RL78 Family microcontroller and is an evaluation board specialized for prototype development for a variety of applications. It has a built-in emulator circuit that is equivalent to an E2 emulator Lite so you can write/debug programs without additional tools. In addition, with Arduino and Pmod™ interfaces included as standard and through-hole access to all pins of the microcontroller, and so on, it has high expandability.


  • Equipped with an RL78 family 8/16-bit microcontroller
  • No additional tools are required for program debugging/writing with the built-in emulator circuit equivalent to an E2 emulator Lite
  • Through-holes with access to all of the pins of the microcontroller
  • Arduino and Pmod™ interfaces come standard (some products have Arduino interface only)
  • Support for various RL78 software and tools
  • Watch the Getting Started with RL78 Fast Prototyping Board guide video



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Software & Tools

Software & Tools

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QuickConnect Platform
QuickConnect platform enables fast prototyping by providing compatible hardware and software building blocks.
Software and Hardware Development Tools Renesas
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PCB Design Files PDF 168 KB
PCB Design Files Log in to Download ZIP 131 KB 日本語
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