An inverter board that allows users to evaluate motor control using a high-voltage (100V/200V) BLDC/induction motor with ease. By using in combination with a compatible CPU board, users can immediately start evaluating motor control.

Supported CPU board: MCB-RA6T2 (P/N: RTK0EMA270C00000BJ)

Supported communication board: MC-COM (P/N: RTK0EMXC90S00000BJ)


  • Supports overcurrent detection, overvoltage protection, and overtemperature detection.
  • Equipped with PFC control circuit
  • Supports worldwide input power supply voltage range (AC100-240V 50/60Hz or DC141-390V)
  • Reinforced isolation between high voltage domain and user interface domain
  • Supports 1-/3-shunt current sensing
  • Supports Hall sensor and encoder signal input with reinforced isolation



  • High voltage inverter control solution


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Manual - Development Tools PDF 1.71 MB 日本語
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Software & Tools

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Renesas Motor Workbench
Renesas Motor Workbench is a development support tool for debugging, analyzing, and tuning motor control programs.
Solution Toolkit Renesas
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MCI-HV-1 Renesas Flexible Motor Control Inverter Board for 100V/200V Three-Phase BLDC/Induction Motor

This video introduces the MCI-HV-1 Renesas Flexible Motor Control Inverter Board for 100V/200V three-phase BLDC/Induction motors. The board comes equipped with protective features including overvoltage and overcurrent detection, inrush current prevention, and bus voltage discharge functionality for power cut-offs.


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